Jessica Mathews

Jessica Tuchman Mathews (born 1946) is the president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a foreign policy think tank in Washington D.C. She has held the post since 1997. Her career includes posts in the executive and legislative branches of government, in management and research in the nonprofit arena, and in journalism. ... more on Wikipedia

Jessica Mathews Filmography

movie 2015 You Can't Have It as Tammy Sellers
movie 2015 The Last Treasure Hunt
movie 2013 Blunt Movie as Wife
movie 2013 The Big Meet as Morgan
movie 2013 Vanished
movie 2012 Johnny Boy as Marcy
movie 2012 One Week as Club Patron
movie 2012 Triangle as Mrs. Abdurahim
movie 2012 Wedding Day
movie 2012 Art in the Afternoon
movie 2012 Autism and Cake
movie 2012 I Am Neda
movie 2012 Music to My Ears
movie 2012 Pull Down the Moon
movie 2011 Lesbian Cops as Hot Girl
video movie 2011 Man vs. Survival as Jessi the Unit Production Manager
movie 2011 Paul the Roommate as Jackie
movie 2011 Shoe Fetish as Pretty Woman
movie 2011 Funny Guitar
movie 2011 In Silence
movie 2011 Off They Go
movie 2011 The Proposition
movie 2011 Warehouse
movie 2010 Border Lords 2 as Shana McChord
video movie 2010 Change Your Life! as Simon's Secretary
movie 2010 Holding Back as Janet
video movie 2010 Guitar Party Nightmare
movie 2010 Notes on Lying
movie 2009 The Sellout as Pamela Parker
movie 2009 Savor the Insanity
movie 2008 Bohemian Sunset as Periwinkle
movie 2008 Her Morbid Desires as Dancing Vampire
movie 2006 The Boneyard Collection as Dancing Vampire
movie 2005 A Day to Love and Die as Clubber
movie 2005 Bewitched as Samantha Lookalike
video movie 2005 Next Ex as Hockey Player
movie 2005 Stealing God as Pedicure Girl #1
video movie 2005 The Night Owl as Beth
tv series 2005 Art Mann Presents as Guest Host
movie 2004 Dark Queen as Alicia
movie 2002 A Day in the Life of John D. Impetus as Fantasy Woman
tv movie 2002 The AXE House Party as Herself

Jessica Mathews on Youtube

Year: 2004 (IMDb says 2005) Rated: Unrated Length: 98 minutes Director: Steven Shea Writer: Steven Shea Starring: Jessica Mathews, Skye Noel Smith, ...

You've seen her on CSI Miami, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Las Vegas, and numerous other starring roles! Now you get to see Jessica Mathews in Border ...

A brother comes home from college after his younger sister has committed suicide. Searching for the reason why he finds the answers in her poetry - incest. H...

I play DOJ Agent Shana McChord in the Award Winning "Border Lords 2", which was shot in El Paso, Texas. Director: Billy Townes, Producer: Mark Love, bad ...