Ji-Tu Cumbuka

Ji-Tu Cumbuka (born March 4, 1942 in Montgomery County, Alabama, according to IMDb; some sources list his birthyear as 1941) is an American veteran stage and screen actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Ji-Tu Cumbuka Filmography

movie 1993 Midnight Edition as Reginald Brown
movie 1990 Caged in Paradiso as Josh
movie 1989 Harlem Nights as Toothless Gambler
movie 1988 Glitch! as Mookie
movie 1988 Moving as Edwards
movie 1987 Outrageous Fortune as Cab Driver
tv movie 1987 Sister Margaret and the Saturday Night Ladies as Horace
movie 1986 Out of Bounds as Lemar
movie 1985 Brewster's Millions as Melvin
tv movie 1985 Covenant as Duboff
movie 1985 Doin' Time as Bernie Feldstein
tv movie 1985 The Cracker Brothers
movie 1985 Volunteers as Cicero
movie 1984 Bachelor Party as Alley Pimp
tv movie 1981 Death Ray 2000 as Torque
tv movie 1979 Ebony, Ivory and Jade as Thurston
tv movie 1979 Flesh & Blood as Woody Shaw
tv movie 1979 Mandrake as Lothar
tv movie 1979 The Jericho Mile as Brother Lateef
movie 1979 Walk Proud as Sgt. Gannett
movie 1978 Angela
tv movie 1978 Last of the Good Guys as Officer Marv Pulaski
movie 1977 Fun with Dick and Jane as Guard
movie 1976 Bound for Glory as Slim Snedeger - Hobo on Train
movie 1976 Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde as Lt. Jackson
movie 1975 Mandingo as Cicero
tv movie 1975 The Dream Makers as Speedout
movie 1974 Lost in the Stars as Johannes
movie 1973 Maurie as Oscar
movie 1973 Trader Horn as Orange Stripe
movie 1972 Blacula as Skillet
movie 1972 Top of the Heap as Pot Peddler
movie 1972 Up the Sandbox as Black Captain
tv movie 1971 Brian's Song as Roommate
movie 1969 Change of Habit as Hawk
movie 1968 Uptight as Rick

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