Jill Saunders

Jill Saunders Filmography

movie 2014 Christian Mingle as Kelly
movie 2012 A Son Like You as Jennifer
movie 2008 Desert Wedding as Bridesmaid #1
movie 2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
movie 2006 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
movie 2005 In Her Shoes as Lopey
movie 2005 RewinD as Girlfriend
video movie 2004 Fairytale as Stepsister
movie 2001 eMale as Trish
tv movie 1997 Holiday in Your Heart as Screaming Fan

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Teaser trailer for 'Home Before Dark', Written by Daniel Draper, Directed by Adam T.Davis, Starring Daniel Draper, Christian James, Rafiq Richard, Sophia Day.

A film about friendship. Follow us at @ScrunchProds Written by: Jill Saunders Directed by: Jill Saunders and Wayne Niemi Edited by: Wayne Niemi Starring: Jil...

The Victoria Players are the local drama group in Fordingbridge, a town on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, UK. This is a photo montage showing ...