Jim Brown

Jim Brown Filmography

movie 2014 Directors on Directing 2: The Story of the Storytellers as Himself
movie 2014 Untitled Jim Brown Project as Jim Brown - Older
movie 2013 Couldn't You Wait? as Himself
tv movie 2013 Glickman
tv movie 2012 Connected as Himself
video movie 2011 The Making of a First Rounder: The DeSean Jackson Story
movie 2011 Third and Long: The History of African Americans in Pro Football 1946-1989 as Himself
movie 2010 Dream Street
movie 2010 Frontliners as Himself
movie 2009 From Hollywood to Syracuse: The Legacy of Ernie Davis as Himself
movie 2009 Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel as Himself: Social Activist
movie 2009 Sex in '69: The Sexual Revolution in America as Himself
video movie 2009 The Express: Making History - The Story of Ernie Davis as Himself
movie 2009 Trash to Treasure
movie 2008 Made in America as Himself
tv movie 2008 Say It Loud as Himself
movie 2008 The Black Candle as Himself
video movie 2006 Armed and Deadly: The Making of 'The Dirty Dozen' as Himself
tv movie 2006 Sideliners as Monroe
video movie 2005 Animal as Berwell
movie 2005 The Outsider as Himself
movie 2004 Macked, Hammered, Slaughtered and Shafted as Himself
movie 2004 She Hate Me as Geronimo Armstrong
tv movie 2004 Sucker Free City as Don Strickland
movie 2003 Beef as Himself - NFL Hall of Famer
tv movie 2002 Baadasssss Cinema as Himself
tv movie 2002 Jim Brown: All American as Himself
tv movie 2002 O.J.: A Study in Black & White as Himself - Hall of Fame Running Back
movie 2002 On the Edge as Chad Grant
tv series 2002 Heroes of Black Comedy as Himself
tv movie 2001 A Huey P. Newton Story as Himself
tv movie 2001 Dick Schaap: Flashing Before my Eyes as Himself
tv movie 2000 Ali-Frazier I: One Nation... Divisible as Himself
tv movie 2000 Bill Russell: My Life, My Way as Himself - Cleveland Browns 1957-1965
tv movie 2000 Hollywood Remembers Lee Marvin as Robert Jefferson
movie 1999 Any Given Sunday as Montezuma Monroe
movie 1999 New Jersey Turnpikes
tv movie 1999 Unitas as Himself
tv movie 1999 Keeping the Music Alive
tv movie 1998 Classified X as Himself
movie 1998 He Got Game as Spivey
movie 1998 Small Soldiers as Butch Meathook
tv movie 1996 Celebrate the Dream: 50 Years of Ebony Magazine as Himself
movie 1996 Mars Attacks! as Byron Williams
tv movie 1996 Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story as Himself
movie 1996 Original Gangstas as Jake Trevor
tv movie 1996 UFC VI: Clash of the Titans as Himself
tv movie 1995 UFC 5: The Return of the Beast as Himself
tv movie 1994 UFC 2: No Way Out as Himself - Fight Commentator
tv movie 1994 UFC 3: The American Dream as Himself - Fight Commentator
tv movie 1994 UFC 4: Revenge of the Warriors as Himself - Fight Commentator
tv movie 1993 UFC 1: The Beginning as Himself - Fight Commentator
video movie 1992 The Divine Enforcer as King
tv movie 1990 Hammer, Slammer, & Slade as Slammer
movie 1990 Killing American Style as Lt. Sunset
movie 1990 Twisted Justice as Morris
movie 1989 Crack House as Steadman
movie 1989 L.A. Heat as Captain
movie 1988 I'm Gonna Git You Sucka as Slammer
movie 1987 The Running Man as Fireball
tv movie 1985 I Challenge You as Himself
tv movie 1985 Lady Blue as Stoker
tv movie 1984 Black Hollywood as Himself
tv movie 1984 The 5th Annual Black Achievement Awards as Himself
movie 1983 Richard Pryor... Here and Now
movie 1979 Pacific Inferno as Clyde Preston
tv movie 1979 Playboy's Roller Disco & Pajama Party as Himself
movie 1978 Fingers as Dreems
tv movie 1977 Disco Fever: 'Saturday Night Fever' Premiere Party as Himself
movie 1977 Kid Vengeance as Isaac
tv movie 1977 The Magnificent Magical Magnet of Santa Mesa
movie 1976 One Down, Two to Go as J
tv movie 1975 Muhammad Ali vs. Ron Lyle as Himself - Audience Member
movie 1975 Take a Hard Ride as Pike
movie 1974 Three the Hard Way as Jimmy Lait
movie 1973 I Escaped from Devil's Island as Le Bras
movie 1973 Slaughter's Big Rip-Off as Slaughter
movie 1973 The Slams as Curtis X. Hook
movie 1972 Black Gunn as Gunn
movie 1972 Slaughter as Slaughter
tv movie 1971 The 43rd Annual Academy Awards as Himself - Co-Presenter: Best Short Subject, Cartoons & Live Action
movie 1970 ...tick... tick... tick... as Jimmy Price
movie 1970 El Condor as Luke
movie 1970 The Grasshopper as Tommy Marcott
movie 1969 100 Rifles as Lyedecker
movie 1969 Riot as Cully Briston
movie 1968 Ice Station Zebra as Capt. Leslie Anders
movie 1968 Kenner as Roy Kenner
movie 1968 The Man Who Makes the Difference as Himself
movie 1968 The Mercenaries as Ruffo
movie 1968 The Split as McClain
movie 1967 Lionpower from MGM
movie 1967 Operation Dirty Dozen as Himself
movie 1967 The Dirty Dozen as Robert Jefferson
tv movie 1966 1965 NFL Championship Game as Himself - Cleveland Browns Fullback
movie 1966 The Fortune Cookie as Running Back - Number 32
tv movie 1966 World Heavyweight Championship: Muhammad Ali vs. George Chuvalo as Himself - Ringside Guest
tv movie 1964 1964 NFL Championship Game as Himself - Cleveland Browns Fullback
movie 1964 Rio Conchos as Sgt. Ben Franklyn
tv movie 1957 1957 Cotton Bowl as Himself - Syracuse Orangemen Running Back
tv movie 1957 1957 NFL Championship Game as Himself - Cleveland Browns Fullback

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