Jim Bruce

Jim Bruce Filmography

movie 2011 50 Greatest as Pierre
video movie 2011 Chubduction as Harvey B.
tv movie 2011 The Fightin' Guy Lady Tigers of St. Barry High as Jim Strike
tv movie 2009 The 1st Annual Streamy Awards
movie 2007 Martin Did It as The Detective
movie 2007 Monster's Comedy Roast of Satan as Ghost of Dangerfield
movie 2004 Rock Paper Scissors: Honor of the Hand as Blame
movie 2002 As Time Goes By as Jack Lawler
video movie 2001 Hoop Dreams and Other Delights as Hook It Up Left Hanging Player
movie 2001 Some Kinda Joke as Irish Guy with Wool Hat
movie 2001 The Det. Kent Stryker One-Man Film as The Junkie
movie 2000 Let's Play Two as The Kid
movie 1998 Desperation Boulevard as Stalker
movie 1995 Fiber Optics
movie 1994 Nice !@#$%^&*!ing Legacy, Dad! as Junkie
movie 1994 Picture Day as Skip Geparous
movie 1994 Smile If You Want More as Ascot
movie 1993 Fiddlesticks as Chickenfoot
movie 1993 McKaraoke as Paddy O'Keefe

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(USA/Canada, 2012, 105') di Jim Bruce Sezione Contemporary Lives La biografia pop di un'istituzione finanziaria tra le piĆ¹ potenti del mondo: la statunitense...

"I view one of the big myths of the [2007-08 financial] crisis as that it was purely the effect of free markets, that this is what happens when you have free...

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Learning About the Fed with Jim Bruce FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 2013 One area that most Americans are completely in the dark on is the role and responsibilities ...