Jim Farley

James Aloysius Farley (May 30, 1888?June 9, 1976) was arguably the first Irish Catholic politician in American history to achieve success on a national level, serving as Chairman of the New York State Democratic Committee, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and as Postmaster General simultaneously under the first two administrations of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. A business executive and dignitary, and a Knight of Malta, Farley was commonly referred to as a political "kingmaker ... more on Wikipedia

Jim Farley Filmography

movie 1968 The Great Stone Face as Gen. Thatcher
tv movie 1949 The Phantom Creeps as Harbormaster
movie 1948 Man from Texas as Stranger
movie 1947 Buck Privates Come Home as Bank Guard #2
movie 1947 Curley as First Baggage Man
movie 1947 Ladies' Man as Farmer
movie 1947 My Brother Talks to Horses as Passenger on Trolley
movie 1947 The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival as 1st Baggage Man, in 'Curly'
movie 1947 Time Out of Mind as Retired Sea Captain
movie 1946 Abie's Irish Rose as American General
movie 1946 Murder in the Music Hall as Police Sergeant
movie 1946 The Kid from Brooklyn as Man in Window
movie 1946 The Postman Always Rings Twice as Warden
movie 1945 Leave Her to Heaven as Train Conductor
movie 1945 Mama Loves Papa as City Official
movie 1945 Roughly Speaking as Gateman
movie 1945 State Fair as Ticket-Taker
movie 1945 The Cisco Kid in Old New Mexico as Hank, Telegraph Agent
movie 1945 The Strange Mr. Gregory as Cemetery Caretaker
movie 1945 The Valley of Decision as Undetermined Role
movie 1945 They Were Expendable
movie 1945 Wonder Man as Stage Hand
movie 1944 Barbary Coast Gent as Train Announcer
movie 1944 Can't Help Singing as Bartender
movie 1944 Christmas Holiday as Jury Member
movie 1944 Gambler's Choice as Politician
movie 1944 Gentle Annie as Second Conductor
movie 1944 Hail the Conquering Hero
movie 1944 Heavenly Days as Senator
movie 1944 Home in Indiana as Jim - Seated Left of Ed in Bar
movie 1944 Lucky Cowboy as Bit Role
movie 1944 Marshal of Gunsmoke as Clem Anderson
movie 1944 Roger Touhy, Gangster as Bailiff
movie 1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain as Prospector
movie 1944 What a Man! as Board Member
movie 1943 Frontier Law as Jed Bates
movie 1943 Gangway for Tomorrow as Worker
movie 1943 Hitler's Madman as Town Crier
movie 1943 Hot Foot
movie 1943 I Dood It as Police Sergeant
movie 1943 Northern Pursuit as Turnkey
movie 1943 Sleepy Lagoon as Bailiff
movie 1943 Two Weeks to Live as Gossiper
movie 1942 In Old California as Angry Citizen in Lynch Mob
movie 1942 Little Tokyo, U.S.A. as Police Sergeant
movie 1942 Northwest Rangers as Miner
movie 1942 Quiet Please: Murder as Detective
movie 1942 The Bashful Bachelor as Trainer of 'Brown Bess'
movie 1942 The Pride of the Yankees as Spectator
movie 1942 The Silver Bullet as Sheriff Sam
movie 1942 This Gun for Hire as Night Watchman
movie 1942 Yokel Boy as Cop
movie 1942 You Can't Escape Forever as Ticket Seller
movie 1941 All That Money Can Buy as Studio Gateman
movie 1941 Among the Living as Neighbor
movie 1941 Badlands of Dakota as Councilman
movie 1941 Glamour Boy as Policeman
movie 1941 I Wanted Wings as Fire Chief
movie 1941 In the Navy as Policeman
movie 1941 Look Who's Laughing as First Officer
movie 1941 Miss Polly as Jim Pennywinkle
movie 1941 My Life with Caroline as Railroad Conductor
movie 1941 Nothing But the Truth as Watchman
movie 1941 Pacific Blackout as Cop
movie 1941 Rawhide Rangers as Banker
movie 1941 Riders of Death Valley as Graham
movie 1941 Sky Raiders as Policeman
movie 1941 The Bandit Trail as John Davis
movie 1941 The Richest Man in Town as Elderly Man
movie 1941 They Meet Again as Policeman
movie 1941 We Go Fast as Train Conductor
movie 1941 World Premiere as Bit Role
movie 1940 Boys of the City as Police Captain
movie 1940 East Side Kids as Police Captain Moran
movie 1940 Junior G-Men as Accusing Pedestrian [Ch. 1]
movie 1940 Queen of the Mob as Paymaster
movie 1940 Santa Fe Trail as Brewer, Armory Hostage
movie 1940 Sky Bandits as Inspector Warner
movie 1940 Stranger on the Third Floor as Policeman at Accident
movie 1940 The Green Hornet as Police Captain [Ch. 7]
movie 1940 The House Across the Bay as Prison Guard
movie 1940 Trail of the Vigilantes as Rancher
movie 1940 Virginia City as Southerner
movie 1940 Winners of the West as Greely [Ch. 6]
movie 1939 Call a Messenger as Desk Sergeant
movie 1939 Dodge City as Engineer
movie 1939 First Offenders as Lt. Glascow
movie 1939 Full Confession as Tavern Owner
movie 1939 I Stole a Million as Doorman
movie 1939 Mutiny on the Blackhawk as Ship's Officer
movie 1939 Reno as Bartender
movie 1939 Risky Business as Barman
movie 1939 The Forgotten Woman as Policeman
movie 1939 The Phantom Creeps as Skipper [Ch. 9]
movie 1939 Union Pacific as Laborer-Grader
movie 1939 Zenobia as Juryman
movie 1938 Angels with Dirty Faces as Railroad Yard Watchman
movie 1938 Crashing Hollywood as Dining Car Waiter
movie 1938 Crime Ring as Turnkey
movie 1938 Exposed as Policeman
movie 1938 Flaming Frontiers as Hawkins
movie 1938 Gold Is Where You Find It as Miner
movie 1938 His Exciting Night as Bit Role
movie 1938 Love Is a Headache as Plainclothesman
movie 1938 Professor Beware as Fire Chief
movie 1938 Sweethearts as Carriage Starter
movie 1938 The Girl of the Golden West as Man in Sheriff's Office
movie 1938 You Can't Take It with You as Police Sergeant
movie 1937 A Girl with Ideas as Private Policeman
movie 1937 Breezing Home as Detective
movie 1937 Green Light
movie 1937 Let Them Live as Policeman
movie 1937 Quick Money as Sheriff Mart
movie 1937 San Quentin as Sheriff
movie 1937 She's Dangerous as Sheriff
movie 1937 Stand-In as Studio Gate Guard
movie 1937 Submarine D-1 as Father on Pier
movie 1937 The Californian as Sheriff Stanton
movie 1937 The Great O'Malley as Jones - Desk Sergeant
movie 1937 The Hit Parade as Sheriff
movie 1937 The Man Who Found Himself as Railroad Conductor
movie 1937 We Who Are About to Die as Police Officer Johnson
movie 1936 California Mail as Dan Tolliver
movie 1936 Captain January as Deputy Sheriff
movie 1936 Charlie Chan at the Opera as Detective
movie 1936 Dancing Pirate as Sailor
movie 1936 Great Guy as Police Desk Sergeant
movie 1936 Mysterious Crossing as Henchman
movie 1936 San Francisco as Charlie - Police Captain
movie 1936 Song of the Saddle as Tom Coburn
movie 1936 The Bride Walks Out as Store Detective
movie 1936 The Milky Way as Promoter
movie 1936 The Petrified Forest as Sheriff
movie 1935 A Notorious Gentleman as Police Lieutenant
movie 1935 Air Hawks as Mr. Harrington
movie 1935 Carnival as Detective
movie 1935 Diamond Jim as Passenger
movie 1935 Frisco Kid as Undetermined Role
movie 1935 Front Page Woman as Bailiff
movie 1935 Hold 'Em Yale
movie 1935 I Live for Love as Stage Doorman
movie 1935 Midnight Phantom as Chief James A. Sullivan
movie 1935 Princess O'Hara as Trainer
movie 1935 Silk Hat Kid as Policeman
movie 1935 The Arizonian as Posse Member
movie 1935 The Flame Within as Policeman in Bar
movie 1935 Transient Lady as Harold
movie 1935 Westward Ho as Lafe Gordon
movie 1934 Bachelor of Arts as Sheriff
movie 1934 Death on the Diamond as Charlie - Policeman at St. Louis Stadium
movie 1934 Here Comes the Groom as Third Cop
movie 1934 Jealousy as Bailiff
movie 1934 Let's Talk It Over as Cop
movie 1934 The Captain Hates the Sea as Conductor
movie 1934 Two Alone as 1st Deputy Sheriff
movie 1933 A Shriek in the Night as Detective Jim Brown
movie 1933 Flaming Gold as Board Member
movie 1933 The Chief as Arresting Policeman
movie 1932 Afraid to Talk as Police Sergeant
movie 1932 Back Street as Horsecar Conductor
movie 1932 High Speed as Head of Board of Directors
movie 1932 Scandal for Sale as Police Lieutenant
movie 1932 Speak Easily as Station Agent
movie 1932 Texas Cyclone as Webb Oliver
movie 1932 The Wet Parade as Bar Proprietor
movie 1932 Unashamed as Courtroom Police Officer
movie 1932 Young Bride as Policeman
movie 1931 Caught Plastered as Clancy - a Policeman
movie 1931 Fighting Caravans as Amos
movie 1931 Night Nurse as Policeman
movie 1931 The Deadline as Cassidy
movie 1931 Three Rogues as Marshal Dunn
movie 1930 Danger Lights as Joe Geraghty
movie 1930 Lucky Larkin as Martin Brierson
movie 1930 Road to Paradise as Police Officer Farley
movie 1929 Courtin' Wildcats as The Doctor
movie 1929 Dynamite as Death Row Police Officer
movie 1929 The Dance of Life as Champ Melvin
movie 1929 The Godless Girl as Policeman
movie 1929 The Voice of the City as Police Inspector Wilmot
movie 1929 Weary River as Plain Clothes Man with Sergeant
movie 1928 A Woman Against the World as Detective
movie 1928 In Old Arizona as Townsman
movie 1928 Mad Hour as Inspector
movie 1928 Perfect Crime as Jonnes
movie 1928 The Grip of the Yukon as Sheriff
movie 1928 The Racket as Detective
movie 1928 The Shady Lady
movie 1927 Chicago as Detective
movie 1927 The King of Kings as Executioner
movie 1927 The Tired Business Man as Sergeant
movie 1926 The General as General Thatcher
movie 1926 The Lodge in the Wilderness as Bill Duncan
movie 1925 A Son of His Father as Indian Pete
movie 1924 The City That Never Sleeps as Mike
movie 1923 The Woman with Four Faces as Morton
movie 1923 Trifling with Honor as Murray Jessop
movie 1923 Wild Bill Hickok as Jack McQueen
movie 1922 Boy Crazy as Kidnapper
movie 1922 Gleam O'Dawn as Caleb Thomas
movie 1922 Little Wildcat as Pete
movie 1922 My Wild Irish Rose as Corry Kinchella
movie 1922 Travelin' on as Dandy Dan McGee
movie 1922 When Danger Smiles as Jacob Holmar
movie 1921 Bar Nothing as Bill Harliss
movie 1921 Bucking the Line as Watrous Dunham
movie 1921 The Devil Within as Scurlock
movie 1921 The One-Man Trail as Jim Crenshaw
movie 1920 Alias Jimmy Valentine as Cotton
movie 1920 That Something
movie 1920 The Challenge of the Law as Pere Du Barre
movie 1920 The Fourteenth Man as Monk Brady
movie 1920 The Girl in the Rain as Max Williams
movie 1919 An Innocent Adventuress as Brogan's Accomplice
movie 1919 Nugget Nell as Badman #1
movie 1919 Rustling a Bride as Sheridan
movie 1919 Sue of the South as John Peyton
movie 1919 You Never Saw Such a Girl as Reagan
movie 1918 A Lady's Name as Flood
movie 1918 Believe Me, Xantippe as Detective Thorne
movie 1918 Desert Law as Deputy
movie 1918 Her Country First as Henry The Chauffeur
movie 1918 The Spirit of '17 as Carl Bender
movie 1918 The White Lie as 'Bull' McDevitt
movie 1917 Brute Force as Lew Sanderson
movie 1917 Burning Silence
movie 1917 The Bride's Silence as Bull Ziegler
movie 1917 The Highway of Hope as Missouri Joe
movie 1917 The Stainless Barrier as Williams
movie 1916 Sins of Her Parent as Shorty
movie 1916 The Shadow Sinister
movie 1915 The Girl and the Game as Amos Rhinelander

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