Jim Westcott

Jim Westcott Filmography

movie 2014 Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter as Airline Passenger
movie 2014 To Say Goodbye as Pastor Lang
movie 2013 Menages as Peter Clarkson
movie 2012 After the Dawn as Edmund Hess
movie 2012 Finding Home as Earl
movie 2012 Monday Morning as Man with Bible
movie 2012 Problem Solving the Republic as Iggy
movie 2012 Profile of a Killer as Deputy at Sheriff's Office
movie 2012 Spirits of St. Paul: The Gangster Era as William Dunn
movie 2012 The Humanity Code as John
movie 2012 The Interview as Stanley Cunningham
movie 2011 Good Morning, Beautiful as Emergency Room Doctor
movie 2011 Invincible Force as Himself
movie 2011 Prodigal as William
movie 2010 Discouraging Words as Rally attendee
movie 2010 Faux as Socialite #3
movie 2010 Lust as Man
movie 2010 Masquerade as John
movie 2010 Phasma Ex Machina as Science Teacher
movie 2010 Photos & Drawings as Gallery Patron
movie 2010 The Mansion Directive as Jonesey - Dead Body
movie 2010 Zombie Homecoming
video movie 2009 Absence of Grey as Lester
movie 2009 Third Party '08 as Roger Deerborn
movie 2009 Promise
movie 2009 IceBreaker
movie 2008 After as Paul
movie 2008 Fade as Three
movie 2008 Higher Purpose as Elder Paul
movie 2008 Killer Movie as School Principal
movie 2007 Arnolds Park as Saints Fan #2
movie 2007 Harry Putter and the Sorcerer's Phone as Lord Voldemortgage
movie 2007 Illegal and Thriving as Senator
movie 2007 Turtle as Carl
movie 2006 (Yielding to) A Willing Breath as Bar Patron
movie 2006 A Prairie Home Companion as Stage Hand
movie 2006 Fall Into Me as Coffee Shop Patron
movie 2006 Newton's Disease as Distraught Co-Worker
movie 2005 Factotum as Cab Driver
movie 2005 Generation Mason as Mason's Dad
movie 2005 Sweet Land as Banker
movie 2003 New World Symphony as Newspaper Editor
movie 2003 The Last American as Kev's Dad
movie 2001 Joe Somebody as Businessman at Fight Scene
movie 2001 Wooly Boys as Hospital Patient
tv movie 1998 A Chance of Snow as Airline Passenger
movie 1993 Twenty Bucks as Airline Passenger
movie 1972 The Heartbreak Kid as College Student

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Originální název: Factotum, Informace o filmu na http://www.sms.cz/film/faktotum Drama, USA, Norsko, 2005, 94 min. Režie: Bent Hamer Hrají: Matt Dillon, Lili...

Written and Directed by Johnny Brookbank Produced by Jade Brookbank 1st Assistant Director: Lacy Wittman Shot by Scott Chrisman 1st AC: Andrew Crandall ...

Third Party 08 stars Jim Westcott as third-party presidential candidate Roger Deerborn, Jesse Griffith as Deerborns chief strategist, and Landyn Banx as Stro...

UnConscionable was a submission for the 2008 'Project Direct' contest that was held by youtube and the Sundance Film Festival. The requirement was to shoot ...