Jock Mahoney

Jock Mahoney (February 7, 1919 ? December 14, 1989) was an American actor and stuntman, who was of French, Irish and Cherokee descent. Born Jacques O'Mahoney, sometimes he was credited as Jack Mahoney, Jock O'Mahomey, Jack O'Mahoney or Jock O'Mahoney. He is perhaps best known for associations with Tarzan films in various capacities, including playing Tarzan in two movies. ... more on Wikipedia

Jock Mahoney Filmography

video movie 1996 Tarzan at the Movies, Part 2: The Many Faces of Tarzan
tv movie 1985 The All American Cowboy
tv movie 1984 Stooge Snapshots as Himself - Interviewee
movie 1980 A.W.O.L. as Cowboy
tv movie 1979 When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion as Himself
movie 1978 The End as Old Man
movie 1975 Their Only Chance as Grizzly Bill, Marvin Latham
movie 1973 Tom as Sgt. Berry
movie 1970 Tarzan's Deadly Silence as The Colonel
movie 1968 Bandolero! as Stoner
movie 1968 Portrait of Violence
movie 1968 The Love Bug as Driver
movie 1967 The Glory Stompers as Smiley
movie 1966 Once Before I Die as Major
movie 1965 Runaway Girl as Randy Minola
movie 1964 Intramuros as Sorenson
movie 1964 Moro Witch Doctor as CIA Agent Jefferson Stark
movie 1963 California as Don Michael O'Casey
movie 1963 Tarzan's Three Challenges as Tarzan
movie 1963 Toraoji annun haebyong as Nick Rawlins
movie 1962 Tarzan Goes to India as Tarzan
movie 1961 Three Blondes in His Life as Duke Wallace
tv movie 1960 Simon Lash: The Black Book as Simon Lash
movie 1960 Tarzan the Magnificent as Coy Banton
movie 1958 A Time to Love and a Time to Die as Immerman
movie 1958 Money, Women and Guns as 'Silver' Ward Hogan
movie 1958 The Last of the Fast Guns as Brad Ellison
movie 1957 Battle Hymn as Maj. Moore
movie 1957 Joe Dakota as Joe Dakota
movie 1957 Slim Carter as Slim Carter aka Hugh Mack
movie 1957 The Land Unknown as Cmndr. Harold 'Hal' Roberts
movie 1956 A Day of Fury as Marshal Allan Burnett
movie 1956 Away All Boats as Alvick
movie 1956 Hot Stuff as Guard
movie 1956 I've Lived Before as John Bolan
movie 1956 Screen Snapshots 8859: Mr. Rhythm's Holiday as Himself
movie 1956 Showdown at Abilene as Jim Trask
movie 1954 Gunfighters of the Northwest as Sgt. Joe Ward
movie 1954 Knutzy Knights as Cedric the Blacksmith
movie 1954 Overland Pacific as Ross Granger
movie 1952 Junction City as Jack Mahoney
movie 1952 Laramie Mountains as Swift Eagle
movie 1952 Screen Snapshots: Meet Mr. Rhythm, Frankie Laine as Himself
movie 1952 Smoky Canyon as Jack Mahoney
movie 1952 The Hawk of Wild River as Jack Mahoney
movie 1952 The Kid from Broken Gun as Jack Mahoney
movie 1952 The Rough, Tough West as Big Jack Mahoney
movie 1951 Pecos River as Jack Mahoney
movie 1951 Roar of the Iron Horse - Rail-Blazer of the Apache Trail as Jim Grant
movie 1951 Santa Fe as Crake, Sanders' Henchman
movie 1951 The Lady and the Bandit as Tavern Troublemaker
movie 1951 The Texas Rangers as Duke Fisher
movie 1950 Cody of the Pony Express as Lt. Jim Archer
movie 1950 Cow Town as Tod Jeffreys
movie 1950 David Harding, Counterspy as Brown
movie 1950 Frontier Outpost as Lt. Peck
movie 1950 Hoedown as Stoney Rhodes
movie 1950 Lightning Guns as Sheriff Ron Saunders
movie 1950 Punchy Cowpunchers as Elmer
movie 1950 Texas Dynamo as Bill Beck
movie 1950 The Kangaroo Kid as Tex Kinnane
movie 1950 The Nevadan as Sandy
movie 1949 Bandits of El Dorado as Tim Starling
movie 1949 Fuelin' Around as Guard
movie 1949 Horsemen of the Sierras as Bill Grant
movie 1949 Jolson Sings Again
movie 1949 Renegades of the Sage as Lt. Hunter
movie 1949 Rim of the Canyon as Pete Reagan
movie 1949 The Blazing Trail as 'Full-House' Patterson
movie 1949 The Doolins of Oklahoma as Tulsa Jack Blake
movie 1948 Blazing Across the Pecos as Bill Wheeler
movie 1948 Smoky Mountain Melody as Buckeye
movie 1948 Squareheads of the Round Table as Cedric the Blacksmith
movie 1948 The Swordsman as Clansman Messenger
movie 1948 Triple Threat as Football Player
movie 1947 Out West as The Arizona Kid
movie 1947 Over the Santa Fe Trail as Sheriff
movie 1947 South of the Chisholm Trail as Thorpe
movie 1947 Swing the Western Way as Chief Iron Stomach
movie 1947 The Stranger from Ponca City as Tensleep
movie 1946 Son of the Guardsman as Captain Kenley
movie 1946 The Fighting Frontiersman as Waco

Jock Mahoney on Youtube

Trailer for the 15 chapter western serial, ROAR OF THE IRON HORSE (1951), starring Jock Mahoney (here billed as Jock O'Mahoney), Virginia Herrick, William ...

Trailer for the 1963 Tarzan adventure Tarzan's Three Challenges starring Jock Mahoney & Woody Strode. This film is a rather unique instalment, as Tarzan (Joc.

Movie trailer with Jock Mahoney.

The Land Unknown Trailer - Directed by Virgil W. Vogel and starring Jock Mahoney, William Reynolds, Henry Brandon, Douglas Kennedy, Phil Harvey.