Joe Besser

Joe Besser (August 12, 1907 ? March 1, 1988) was an American comedian, known for his impish humor and wimpy characters, and is now best remembered for his brief stint as a member of the Three Stooges in movie short subjects of 1956-57. He is also remembered for his television roles: Stinky, the spoiled mamma's boy in The Abbott and Costello Show, and Jillson, the maintenance man in The Joey Bishop Show. ... more on Wikipedia

Joe Besser Filmography

tv movie 2003 The Three Stooges 75th Anniversary Special as Joe
tv movie 1994 Abbott and Costello Meet Jerry Seinfeld
tv movie 1990 The Three Stooges 60th Anniversary Special
video movie 1986 Classic Comedy Teams as Himself
tv movie 1984 Stooge Snapshots as Himself
tv movie 1982 My Smurfy Valentine as Cupid
movie 1978 Hey, Abbott! as Himself
tv series 1978 Galaxy Goof-Ups as Scare Bear
tv series 1978 Yogi's Space Race as Scare Bear
tv series 1977 Fred Flintstone and Friends
tv series 1977 Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics as Babu
tv series 1975 The Oddball Couple as Additional voices
movie 1970 Savage Intruder as Vic
movie 1970 Which Way to the Front? as Dock Master
tv movie 1969 The Monk as Herbie
movie 1962 Hand of Death as Service station attendant
movie 1961 The Errand Boy as Man Watching Rushes
movie 1960 Let's Make Love as Charlie Lamont
movie 1960 Cinderfella
movie 1959 Plunderers of Painted Flats as Andy Heather
movie 1959 Sappy Bull Fighters as Joe
movie 1959 Say One for Me as Joe Greb
movie 1959 The Rookie as Medical Corpsman
movie 1959 The Story on Page One as Gallagher
movie 1959 Three Stooges Fun-O-Rama as Joe
movie 1959 Triple Crossed as Joe
movie 1958 Fifi Blows Her Top as Joe Besser
movie 1958 Flying Saucer Daffy as Joe
movie 1958 Oil's Well That Ends Well as Joe
movie 1958 Pies and Guys as Joe
movie 1958 Quiz Whizz as Joe
movie 1958 Sweet and Hot as Joe
movie 1957 A Merry Mix-up as Joe
movie 1957 Guns a Poppin! as Joe
movie 1957 Hoofs and Goofs as Joe
movie 1957 Horsing Around as Joe
movie 1957 Muscle Up a Little Closer as Joe
movie 1957 Outer Space Jitters as Joe
movie 1957 Rusty Romeos as Joe
movie 1957 Space Ship Sappy as Joe
movie 1957 The Helen Morgan Story as Bartender
movie 1956 Army Daze as Pvt. Joe Besser
movie 1956 Columbia Laff Hour as Joe
movie 1955 Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops as Hunter
movie 1955 G.I. Dood It as Pvt. Joe Marblehead
movie 1955 Headline Hunters as Coroner
movie 1955 Hook a Crook as Joe Besser
movie 1955 It's a Dog's Life as Dog Catcher
movie 1955 Mad at the World as Gas Station Attendant
movie 1955 Two-Gun Lady as Doc McGinnis
movie 1954 The Fire Chaser as Eric Loudermilk Potts
movie 1953 A Day in the Country as Narrator
movie 1953 I, the Jury as Pete, Elevator Operator
movie 1953 Sins of Jezebel as Yonkel, master of chariots
movie 1953 Spies and Guys as Pvt. Joe Besser
movie 1952 Aim, Fire, Scoot as Pvt. Joe Besser
movie 1952 Caught on the Bounce as Joe
movie 1951 'Fraidy Cat as Joe Besser
movie 1950 Dizzy Yardbird as Pvt. Rodney Marblehead
movie 1950 Joe Palooka Meets Humphrey as Carlton
movie 1950 Outside the Wall as Cook
movie 1950 The Desert Hawk as Prince Sinbad
movie 1950 Woman in Hiding as Salesman with Drum
tv series 1950 The Ken Murray Show as Regular
movie 1949 Africa Screams as Harry
movie 1949 Waiting in the Lurch as Eric Loudermilk Potts
movie 1948 Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' as Sharkey Dolan
movie 1946 Talk About a Lady as Roly Q. Entwhistle
movie 1945 Eadie Was a Lady as Professor Diogenes Dingle
movie 1944 Hey, Rookie as Pendelton Pfeiffer
movie 1940 Hot Steel as Siggie Landers
movie 1938 Cuckoorancho as Wanderer

Joe Besser on Youtube

When The 3 Stooges were put into syndication as half-hour episodes they featured entertaining bumpers such as this.

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