Joe Egan

Joe Egan '(born Joseph Egan, 18 October 1946, in Paisley, Scotland) is a Scottish singer and songwriter. ... more on Wikipedia

Joe Egan Filmography

movie 2015 Rebel City Rumble as Sarg
movie 2014 Crying Wolf as Taxi Driver
movie 2014 Dragonfly as Fender
movie 2014 I Am Soldier as Marko
movie 2014 Lords of London as Charlie
movie 2014 Mob Handed as The Big Man
movie 2014 Own Worst Enemy as Big Daddy
movie 2014 This Is Jayde: The One Hit Wonder as Joe
movie 2014 What's the Score? as Himself
movie 2013 Pulp as Knuckles
movie 2013 The Magnificent Eleven as Jack
movie 2012 DeadTime as Big Al
movie 2012 Keep the Fire as Kingpin
video movie 2012 Prevent as Sol
movie 2012 Real Silver as Kasimir
movie 2012 Strippers vs Werewolves as Barker
movie 2011 10 as Richie Naughton
movie 2011 New City Fighter as Big Joe
movie 2011 On the Ropes as Big Joe
movie 2011 Once You're In as Johno
movie 2011 Ra.One as The Daddy
movie 2011 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows as Big Joe
movie 2011 Women in Charge as Himself
video movie 2010 Behind-the-Scenes of 'Thugs Mugs and Violence': A Director's Journey as Himself
movie 2010 Break Clause as Fenton
movie 2010 Dead Cert as Griffiths
movie 2010 Freight as Emil
movie 2010 Just for the Record as Big Joe
movie 2010 Killer Bitch as Big Joe
movie 2010 Rough Cut as Joe
movie 2009 Dead Man Running as Big Man
movie 2009 Jack Said as Gorilla # 1
movie 2009 Sherlock Holmes as Big Man
movie 2009 Thugs, Mugs and Violence.... as Fearsome
movie 2008 Cass as Big Joe The Barman
video movie 2007 Joe Egan: With Toughest Men on the Planet
video movie 2006 Cass Pennant Enough Said
movie Passengers as Spud

Joe Egan on Youtube

This is the official trailer for the British 'mockumentary' comedy 'On The Ropes', released on DVD on the 23rd April 2012, and now available from all major D...

Another little tribute video to Stealers Wheel. Uploading a solo Joe Egan track from his 1979 LP 'Out Of Nowhere' as most Stealers Wheel tracks are covered h...

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