Joel Bryant

Joel Bryant Filmography

tv movie 2013 Bloodline as Troy's Father
movie 2013 Wrong Cops as Bill
tv movie 2012 Layover as Agent Ashton
tv movie 2012 The KW Project as Himself
movie 2011 Beast Beneath as Michael Epps
movie 2011 Death Inc. as Skip
movie 2011 Jack the Reaper as William
movie 2011 The Short Cut as Joel
movie 2010 Ashes as Jude Smith
movie 2010 Deadly Impact as FBI Agent
movie 2010 Peoria as Roger
tv series 2010 Hillers as Mitch
movie 2009 Knight to F4 as Voice Work
movie 2009 S.H.M.I.L.U. as Kyle Ryker
tv movie 2009 The 1st Annual Streamy Awards as Himself
video movie 2008 Baby Blues as Dad
movie 2008 Out Cold as Dave
movie 2008 Valkyrie as S.S. Soldier
movie 2008 When Zombies Attack! as Derek Jenkins
tv series 2008 Betty Bowers: America's Best Christian
movie 2007 Back Soon as Doctor Kelso
video movie 2007 Curse of La Llorona as Officer Mike
movie 2007 Home Invasion
movie 2007 Human Waste as Thomas
movie 2007 Loaded as Pepsi
movie 2007 Music Within as Sergeant Taylor
movie 2007 Target: Audience as John Stone
movie 2007 The Heartbreak Kid as Michael the Groom
movie 2007 The Wrath as Michael Epps
movie 2006 Courtesy Call as Byron
movie 2006 Long-Term Relationship as Andrew
movie 2006 Phoenix as Security Guard
movie 2006 Souvenir as Balthazar Kanalya
video movie 2006 The River: Legend of La Llorona as Sam
movie 2005 Dorian as Henry Wotton
movie 2005 Journeyman as John Cole
movie 2005 Matrimonium as Bradley DuBois
movie 2005 Rupert Galloway as Clay
video movie 2005 Transit as Officer Friendly
movie 2004 Anonymity as Dalton Green
movie 2004 Life, Death and Mini-Golf as Skull
movie 2004 The Spirithunter as The Barker
movie 2003 Gone, But Not Forgotten as Paul Parker
video movie 2003 Great Explorations as Cad
video movie 2003 Room 214 as Charlie
movie 2003 The Guy Next Door as Joe
movie 2000 Will You Be My Victim? as Officer Walsh

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