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movie 2013 BF Nowhere
movie 2012 A Hair on Your Heart as Joel
movie 2012 Stranger Things

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A trailer for Joel Salaysay's "Lifers." Synopsis: When you wash dishes for a living, your mind wanders. 'Lifers' follows Kevin on his journey through the ine...

CHALLENGE: if two characters appear on screen at the same time, they can only communicate through interpretive dance. WINNER: Best Picture (2013) Best ...

CHALLENGE: Can only speak in Kanye West lyrics. As well, has to be about "dog fighting". WINNER: Best Hand Actor (2012) - Joel Salaysay Best Dance ...

PSA: Contains Nudity, and "Coarse" Language. A first year 16mm SFU film by Joel Salaysay. Starring Brendan Prost, Ginny Vanwow/Sayre, and Alex Moulton.