John Alexander Kontoyannis

John Alexander Kontoyannis Filmography

movie 2013 Cold Comes the Night
movie 2013 How to Be a Man
movie 2011 Letras pequeñas
movie 2010 Confessional Stories: First Confession
movie 2010 Confessional Stories: Voluntary Damnation
movie 2010 Hard On
video movie 2010 Josh Zuckerman: Fall in Love Again
movie 2010 Lord of the Dreams
video movie 2010 Socks and Cakes
movie 2010 Stargazer
movie 2010 The Memory She Carries
tv series 2010 Peripheral City
video movie 2010 Athena Reich: The Logical Song
video movie 2010 J. Michael Reeds: Caramel
movie 2009 Just with Words
movie 2009 The Passer-By
movie 2007 No Talent Geniuses
movie 2006 Exploration #?
movie 2005 Addict?

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Cast: Josh Zuckerman Katie Iacona Alex Mabred Directed by: Michael Lawrence Produced by: John Alexander Kontoyannis and Michael Lawrence Edited by: ...