John Alvin

John Henry Alvin (November 24, 1948 ? February 6, 2008) was an award-winning cinematic artist and painter who illustrated some of the world's most recognizable movie posters. Alvin created movie posters, which are also known as key art, for over 135 films over the course of his career, beginning with the poster for Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles in 1974. His style of art for his posters became known as Alvinesque by friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry. ... more on Wikipedia

John Alvin Filmography

movie 1994 Milk Money as Rich Old Guy
tv movie 1987 Dennis the Menace as Mr. Bonfigli
tv movie 1984 Passions as Minister
movie 1980 Somewhere in Time as Arthur's Father
tv movie 1976 The Quest: The Longest Drive as Aames
tv movie 1975 The Legend of Lizzie Borden as Dr. Draper
tv movie 1974 Crackle of Death as Dr. Ralph Carrie
tv movie 1971 Sweet, Sweet Rachel as Surgeon
movie 1970 They Call Me Mister Tibbs!
movie 1968 The Legend of Lylah Clare as Accountant
movie 1964 Marnie as Hotel Chauffeur
movie 1963 Irma la Douce as Customer #2
movie 1962 The Couch as Sloan
tv movie 1956 The Magnetic Moon as Dorton
movie 1955 A Bullet for Joey as Const. Dan Percy
movie 1955 City of Shadows as Security Guard at 20th Century Security Company
movie 1955 Illegal as Court Clerk
movie 1955 Kentucky Rifle as Luke Thomas
movie 1955 The McConnell Story as Johnny, Flyer Escort
movie 1954 Deep in My Heart as Mr. Mulvaney
movie 1954 Lucky Me as Clerk
movie 1954 Naked Alibi as Stu
movie 1954 The Shanghai Story as Mr. Warren
movie 1953 Dream Wife as Reporter
movie 1952 April in Paris as Tracy
movie 1952 Carrie as Stage Manager
movie 1952 The Iron Mistress as Impatient Man in Tailor's Shop
movie 1952 Torpedo Alley as Professor
movie 1952 Washington Story as Technician
movie 1951 Close to My Heart as Prospective Adoptive Father
movie 1951 Come Fill the Cup as Travis Ashbourne, Reporter
movie 1951 Goodbye, My Fancy as Jack White
movie 1951 Havana Rose as Reporter
movie 1951 Home Town Story as Jimmy
movie 1951 Missing Women as Eddie Ennis
movie 1951 The Unknown Man as Photographer
movie 1951 Three Guys Named Mike as Flight Dispatcher Brown
tv series 1951 The Living Christ Series as Joseph
movie 1950 Bright Leaf as Poker Player
movie 1950 Dial 1119 as Television Director
movie 1950 Highway 301 as Bank Teller
movie 1950 Lonely Heart Bandits as Trooper
movie 1950 Photo Phonies
movie 1950 Pretty Baby as Danny
movie 1950 The Breaking Point as Reporter
movie 1950 This Side of the Law as Calder Taylor
movie 1949 A Kiss in the Dark as Tenant
movie 1949 The Fountainhead as Young Intellectual
movie 1949 The Story of Seabiscuit as Announcer
movie 1948 Open Secret as Ralph
movie 1948 Rocky as Jack Arnold
movie 1948 Romance on the High Seas as Charles - Travel Agent
movie 1948 Shanghai Chest as Victor Armstrong
movie 1948 The Babe Ruth Story as Reporter
movie 1948 The Bold Frontiersman as Don Post
movie 1948 Train to Alcatraz as Nick
movie 1948 Two Guys from Texas as Jim Crocker
movie 1947 Cheyenne as Single Jack
movie 1947 Dark Passage as Blackie
movie 1947 Deep Valley as Convict
movie 1947 Love and Learn as William, the Wyngate Chauffeur
movie 1947 Nora Prentiss as SF Bay Ferry Boat Dispatcher
movie 1947 Stallion Road as Radio Broadcaster
movie 1947 Under Colorado Skies as Jeff Collins
movie 1946 Night and Day as Petey
movie 1946 One More Tomorrow as Announcer
movie 1946 Shadow of a Woman as Carl
movie 1946 The Beast with Five Fingers as Donald Arlington - younger heir
movie 1946 Three Strangers as Junior Clerk
movie 1945 Objective, Burma! as Hogan
movie 1945 Roughly Speaking as Lawton MacKall
movie 1945 San Antonio as Pony Smith
movie 1945 The Horn Blows at Midnight as Angel
movie 1944 Janie as Life Photographer
movie 1944 The Sullivans as Madison Abel 'Matt' Sullivan
movie 1944 The Very Thought of You as Cal Wheeler
movie 1943 Destination Tokyo as Sound Man
movie 1943 Northern Pursuit as Orderly

John Alvin on Youtube

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An interview with famed movie poster artist John Alvin, where he discusses his inspiration for the many poster one sheets he created in his 35 year career, w...

An interview with famed movie poster artist John Alvin, where he discusses his inspiration for the many poster one sheets he created in his 35 year career, w...