John Boxer

John Boxer Filmography

movie 1982 Gandhi as Court Reporter
tv movie 1974 Haunted: Poor Girl as Corbett
movie 1972 For the Love of Ada as Vicar
movie 1972 Frenzy as Sir George
movie 1964 Hide and Seek as Secretary at Ministry
movie 1962 Emergency as Prison Governor
movie 1961 Victim as Policeman in Cell
movie 1960 Design for Living
movie 1960 Not a Hope in Hell as Merriman
movie 1959 Violent Moment as Det. Sgt. Jarman
movie 1958 Heart of a Child as Breuer
movie 1958 Undercover Girl as Ken Farrell, the Editor
movie 1957 Brothers in Law as Mr. Johnson
movie 1957 The Bridge on the River Kwai as Major Hughes
movie 1957 The Tommy Steele Story as Paul Lincoln
movie 1956 Circus Friends as Ranger
movie 1955 Secret Venture as Inspector Dalton
movie 1955 The Ship That Died of Shame as Customs Man
movie 1954 Diplomatic Passport as Policeman
movie 1953 Meet Mr. Lucifer as Accountant in Office
movie 1953 One Stop Shop as Bob Selby
movie 1953 Street Corner as Policeman Outside Jewellers
movie 1953 The Red Beret as Flight Sgt. Box
movie 1951 High Treason as Ships Radio Operator
movie 1951 Laughter in Paradise as Const. Charles Baker
movie 1951 Mister Drake's Duck as Sergeant
movie 1951 Pool of London as Detective in Pub
tv movie 1951 The Boy with a Cart as Matt
tv movie 1950 Good Friday as Envoy from the Sanhedrim
movie 1950 Highly Dangerous as Police Sgt. at Customs Cafe
movie 1950 Madeleine as Plainclothes Policeman
movie 1950 The Clouded Yellow as Keswick Police Sgt
movie 1950 The Woman in Question as Detective Lucas
movie 1950 Waterfront as Policeman
movie 1949 Don't Ever Leave Me as Policeman at Pillar Box
movie 1949 Feature Story
movie 1949 It's Not Cricket as MP #1
movie 1949 Man on the Run as Radio Control Officer
movie 1949 Marry Me as Policeman
movie 1949 Stop Press Girl as Pub Landlord
movie 1949 The Blue Lagoon as Nick Corbett
movie 1948 London Belongs to Me as Prison Officer
movie 1948 My Brother's Keeper as Police Sgt. Bert Foreman
movie 1947 Take My Life as Policeman Making Charge Statement
movie 1947 The October Man as Det. Sgt. Troth
movie 1947 The White Unicorn as Bill
movie 1945 Waterloo Road as Policeman in Fight in Arcade
movie 1944 Men of Rochdale as William Cooper
movie 1944 Tawny Pipit as Soldier On Manoeuvres
movie 1944 The Halfway House as John--Davies' Doctor
movie 1944 The Way Ahead as Soldier in Pub Talking to the Chelsea Pensioners
movie 1943 Millions Like Us as Tom
movie 1943 San Demetrio London as Naval Officer
movie 1943 The Demi-Paradise as British Sailor
movie 1943 The Flemish Farm as Cyclist
movie 1943 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp as Soldier
movie 1942 Flying Fortress as Meterologist
movie 1942 In Which We Serve as Hollett
movie 1942 The Big Blockade as Press
movie 1942 The Black Sheep of Whitehall as Hotel receptionist
movie 1942 The Day Will Dawn as U-Boat Commander
movie 1942 The Foreman Went to France as Official
movie 1942 The Goose Steps Out as British Pilot
movie 1940 Convoy as German Captain
movie 1940 George and Margaret as Claude
tv movie 1939 A Cup of Happiness as Tod Bartlett, her huckster
tv movie 1939 The Insect Play as Second Engineer
movie 1939 There Ain't No Justice as Mr. Short
movie 1935 Escape Me Never as Undetermined role

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