John Brooking

John Brooking Filmography

movie 1963 Carry on Jack as Third Sealord
movie 1962 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner as Green
movie 1961 The Court Martial of Major Keller as Colonel Faversham
tv movie 1961 The Truth About Billy Newton as Malcolm Payne-Gosling
tv series 1961 Stranger on the Shore as Mr. Smith-Burgeon
movie 1960 An Honourable Murder as Sayer
tv movie 1959 Cards with Uncle Tom as Counsel for the prosecution
tv movie 1959 Mine Own Executioner as Peter Edge
movie 1959 No Safety Ahead
movie 1959 Web of Suspicion
movie 1958 The Two-Headed Spy as Staff Officer
movie 1954 Fatal Journey
movie 1954 Three's Company as Police Sergeant
movie 1953 Innocents in Paris as Customs Official
movie 1953 Knights of the Round Table as Bedivere
movie 1953 The Flanagan Boy as Barnes
movie 1952 Gift Horse as Crewman
movie 1952 The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men as Merrie Man
tv movie 1949 Macbeth as Caithness
movie 1949 Which Will Ye Have?
movie 1939 I Met a Murderer

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(p.5) Can you imagine a piece of the universe more fit for princes and kings? I'll trade you ten of your cities for Marion Bridge and the pleasure it brings.