John Burke

John Burke Filmography

movie 2014 Default as US Anchorman
movie 2014 High School Exorcism as Dr. Phillips
movie 2013 Fruitvale Station as Surgeon
tv movie 2012 Stolen Child as Dorin
movie 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man as Newscaster
movie 2011 Hazelnut as Joseph Burke
video movie 2011 My Dog's Christmas Miracle as Anderson
movie 2011 Son of Morning as Jim
tv movie 2011 The Perfect Student as Minister
movie 2010 A Nanny for Christmas as Carl Ryland
movie 2010 Collision as Mr. Wiestle
movie 2009 Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas as DA Farino
movie 2009 Spring Breakdown as South Padre Reporter
video movie 2008 B.T.K. as Detective Lutz
movie 2008 Dear Me as Henry
video movie 2007 Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck as Prosecuting Attorney Stevens
video movie 2007 Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield as Rick Layton
video movie 2006 A Dead Calling as Stephen Javitz
movie 2006 Pulse as Newscaster
movie 2006 The Astronaut Farmer as Reporter
tv movie 2006 Trapped!
tv movie 2005 Last Mysteries of the Titanic as Host
tv movie 2001 AMC Live: The Hollywood Auction as Host
tv movie 2000 Auctionlive: The Treasures of James Cagney as Himself
tv movie 1999 AMC Live from Christie's: The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe as Host
tv series 1996 E! News Daily as Himself
tv series 1994 Personal FX: The Collectibles Show as Host
movie 1993 Horizon as Body
tv movie 1993 Message from Nam as Matt

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More videos at Director: Tom Holland Writers: Stephen King (novel), Michael McDowell (screenplay) Stars: Joe Mantegna, Robert ...

Trailer for Hal Hartley film No Such Thing (2001) starring Sarah Polley, Robert John Burke, Helen Mirren, Julie Christie.

John Burke presents on Old World locations, focusing on how the ancient architects of the henges, pyramids, dolmens, mounds etc. sited their megalithic struc...

Robocop (Robert John Burke) saves the day once more. This time the half man/half robot takes on ruthless developers who want to evict some people on "their" .