John Charles

John Charles Filmography

movie 1921 Buried Treasure as Duc de Chavannes
movie 1921 It Isn't Being Done This Season as Afeif Bey
movie 1920 Bitter Fruit
movie 1920 The Veiled Marriage as Fred Peyton
movie 1919 The Hidden Truth as George Reed
movie 1918 Cecilia of the Pink Roses as George Dickson
movie 1918 Ruler of the Road as Gus Harrington
movie 1918 With Neatness and Dispatch as 'Slim' Keegan
movie 1917 Sunshine Alley as Ben Davis
movie 1917 The Law of Compensation as Frank Trevor
movie 1916 A Stranger in New York
movie 1916 Jealousy
movie 1916 Temperance Town
movie 1916 The Victim as Jack Higgins
movie 1915 A Black Sheep as Jarvis Smith - Attorney
movie 1915 A Texas Steer as Captain Fairleigh Bright
movie 1915 The House of a Thousand Candles as Arthur Pickering
movie 1915 The Leaving of Lawrence as Lawrence & James Thornton
movie 1915 The Millionaire Baby as Dr. Pool
movie 1915 The Quarry as Detective Kearny
movie 1914 Jane Eyre
movie 1914 The Toll of Love as Joe Burns
movie 1914 Your Girl and Mine: A Woman Suffrage Play as Ben Austin
movie 1913 The Lie as Charles Young
movie 1912 Ethel's Sacrifice as Phillip
movie 1912 Mates and Mis-Mates as Will Howard
movie 1912 Sogarth Aroon as The Lord
movie 1912 The Girl in the Gingham Gown as Dave Willis
movie 1912 The Joy Ride as Mr. Tidbury

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