John Cosgrove

John Cosgrove Filmography

movie 1922 Sunshine Sally as Spud Murphy
movie 1921 Possum Paddock
movie 1921 Silks and Saddles as Dennis O'Hara
movie 1921 The Betrayer as John Berris
movie 1921 The Gentleman Bushranger as Ah Wom Bat
movie 1921 The Guyra Ghost Mystery as Sherlock Doyle
movie 1921 The Queen of Sheba as King of Tyre
movie 1921 While the Billy Boils as One-Eyed Bogan
movie 1920 The Man from Snowy River as Saltbush Bill
movie 1919 Barry Butts In
movie 1919 Desert Gold
movie 1915 For Love of Mary Ellen as Chief Justice Jones
movie 1915 Queen of the Band as J. Jacard - Jeweler
movie 1915 The Ever Living Isles as Captain Josiah Hafley
movie 1915 The Noon Hour as Ada's Father
movie 1915 The Right to Live as Montgomery - the Capitalist
movie 1915 The Turning Point
movie 1915 The Wayward Son as Stuveysant Brown
movie 1911 The Luck of Roaring Camp

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CONSIGUELO EN: Dirección: John Cosgrove. Pais: USA. Idioma: Inglés con subtítulos en español. Año: 2006.

Chesapeake Bay Commission Chair John Cosgrove talks about how people can do their part to help the Chesapeake Bay. Video from the 2009 Chesapeake ...

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