John Diehl

John Diehl (born May 1, 1950) is an American actor, particularly known for his roles as Charles Kawalsky in the 1994 film Stargate, Det. Larry Zito on the 1980s cop show Miami Vice, Assistant Chief Ben Gilroy on The Shield, and as "the Cruiser" in Stripes. His other notable roles include Pvt. Bucklin, the spokesman of the 2nd Maine mutineers in Gettysburg, Cooper in Jurassic Park III (2001), as G. Gordon Liddy in the Oliver Stone movie Nixon, the Klansman informant ("Mickey Mouse") in A Time to ... more on Wikipedia

John Diehl Filmography

movie 2014 A Long Way Off as Mr. Abraham
movie 2014 A Strong Collected Spirit as Marty Stock
movie 2014 Forever as Neil
movie 2014 Serpent in the Bottle as Marvin Decker
movie 2014 The North Star as Master Anderson
movie 2013 A Long Way Off: A Modern Retelling of the Prodigal Son Story as Mr. Abraham
movie 2013 Singularity Principle as Jack Brenner
movie 2012 Apartment 1303 3D as Detective
movie 2012 Char·ac·ter: The Interviews
movie 2012 Gabe the Cupid Dog as Roger
movie 2012 Stillframe as Father
movie 2012 Swerve as Samm
movie 2012 The Obama Effect as Steve Warren
tv movie 2011 Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe as Adm. James G. Lawrence
movie 2011 Natural Selection as Abe
movie 2010 Road to Nowhere as Bobby Billings
movie 2009 Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas as Sheriff Larabie
movie 2009 Follow the Prophet as Ted
movie 2009 Gary's Walk as Gary
movie 2009 My Happy Faces as Dr. M
movie 2008 Natural Disasters as John
movie 2008 The Lucky Ones as Tom Klinger
tv movie 2006 Hidden Places as Frank Wyatt
tv movie 2006 Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise as Jerry Snyder
movie 2006 Running Out of Time in Hollywood
movie 2006 The Far Side of Jericho as Cash Thornton
movie 2006 The House Is Burning as Mr. Garson
movie 2005 Down in the Valley as Steve
movie 2005 The Making of 'Land of Plenty' as Himself
movie 2004 I Pass for Human as Ex-husband
movie 2004 Land of Plenty as Paul
video movie 2004 Stars and Stripes 1 as Himself
video movie 2004 Stars and Stripes 2 as Himself
movie 2003 Bookies as Vincent
movie 2003 Just Another Story as Al
movie 2003 Out of Our Hands as Vic
movie 2001 Falling Like This as Eddie Gallagher
movie 2001 Jurassic Park III as Cooper
movie 2001 Pearl Harbor as Senior Doctor
movie 2001 The Zeros as Burl
tv movie 2000 Fail Safe as Col. Cascio
movie 2000 Lost Souls as Henry Birdson
movie 2000 Tully as Mal 'Mac' MacAvoy
movie 1999 Anywhere But Here as Jimmy
tv movie 1999 Purgatory as Badger
movie 1999 Swap Meet
movie 1998 Davis Is Dead as The Killer
movie 1998 Snitch as Digger
movie 1998 The Hi-Lo Country as Les Birk
tv movie 1998 The Rat Pack as Joe DiMaggio
movie 1997 Casualties as Polito
movie 1997 Con Air as Public Defender
movie 1997 Fire Down Below as Frank Elkins
movie 1997 Most Wanted as Police Captain
movie 1997 The End of Violence as Lowell Lewis
movie 1996 A Time to Kill as Tim Nunley
movie 1996 Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day as Pinchot
movie 1996 Female Perversions as Jake Rock
movie 1996 Foxfire as Mr. Buttinger
movie 1996 Managua
tv movie 1996 Ruby Jean and Joe as Harris Johnson
movie 1996 The Destiny of Marty Fine as Deke
movie 1996 The Grave as J.C. Cole
tv movie 1995 Amanda & the Alien as Colonel Rosencrans
tv movie 1995 Buffalo Girls as General Custer
movie 1995 Nixon as Gordon Liddy
movie 1995 The Outpost as Alex
movie 1995 Three Wishes as Leland's Dad
movie 1994 Almost Dead as Eddie Herbek
movie 1994 Stargate as Lieutenant Kawalsky
movie 1994 The Client as Jack Nance
movie 1994 The New Age as Lyle
movie 1993 Falling Down as Dad at Back Yard
movie 1993 Gettysburg as Pvt. Bucklin
video movie 1993 Remote as Delbert Macoy
movie 1993 The Paint Job as Father
movie 1992 Mikey as Neil Trenton
movie 1992 Mo' Money as Keith Heading
movie 1992 Trumpet #7 as Bud
movie 1991 A Climate for Killing as Wayne Paris
movie 1991 Kickboxer 2: The Road Back as Jack
movie 1991 Motorama as Phil
movie 1991 Whore as Derelict
video movie 1990 Cool Blue as Clayton
movie 1990 Madhouse as Fred
movie 1990 The Dark Side of the Moon as Philip Jennings
tv movie 1988 Glitz as Teddy Magyk
movie 1987 The Hanoi Hilton as Murphy
movie 1987 Walker as Stebbins
movie 1984 Angel as The Killer
movie 1984 City Limits as Whitey
movie 1983 D.C. Cab as Head Kidnapper
movie 1983 Hysterical as Taxi Driver
movie 1983 Joysticks as Arnie
movie 1983 Vacation as Assistant Mechanic
tv movie 1982 The Ambush Murders as Ferguson
movie 1981 Escape from New York as Punk
movie 1981 Stripes as Cruiser
tv movie 1980 A Cry for Love
tv movie 1980 A Rumor of War as D.T.
movie 1980 Falling in Love Again as Beaver
movie Resilient 3D as Alex

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