John Dierkes

John Dierkes (February 10, 1905?January 8, 1975) was an American character actor present in several classic films. ... more on Wikipedia

John Dierkes Filmography

video movie 1992 Gunfighters of the Old West as McSween
movie 1979 The Horror Show
movie 1973 Oklahoma Crude as Farmer
movie 1972 Buck and the Preacher as Townsman in Opening Credits
movie 1972 Rage as Bill Parker
movie 1971 The Omega Man as Family Member
tv movie 1965 Luke and the Tenderfoot
movie 1963 Johnny Cool as Cripple
movie 1963 The Cardinal as Redneck
movie 1963 The Haunted Palace as Benjamin West
movie 1963 X as Preacher
movie 1962 Convicts 4 as Cell Block Guard
movie 1962 Premature Burial as Sweeney
movie 1961 One-Eyed Jacks as Chet
movie 1961 The Comancheros as Ranger Bill Larsen
movie 1960 The Alamo as Jocko Robertson
tv movie 1960 The Slowest Gun in the West as 'Wild Bill' Monks
movie 1959 The Hanging Tree as Society Red
movie 1959 The Oregon Trail as Gabe Hastings
movie 1958 Blood Arrow as Ez
movie 1958 The Buccaneer as Deacon
movie 1958 The Left Handed Gun as McSween
movie 1958 The Rawhide Trail as Hangman
movie 1958 Touch of Evil as Policeman
movie 1957 Daughter of Dr. Jekyll as Jacob
movie 1957 Death in Small Doses as 'Shug' Grandon
movie 1957 Duel at Apache Wells as Bill Sowers
movie 1957 The Buckskin Lady as Swanson
movie 1957 The Guns of Fort Petticoat as Texas Storekeeper
movie 1957 The Halliday Brand as Reverend
movie 1957 Valerie as Bartender
movie 1956 Friendly Persuasion as Farmer
movie 1956 Jubal as Carson, Horgan Rider
movie 1956 The Fastest Gun Alive as Walter Hutchins
movie 1955 Betrayed Women as Cletus Ballard
movie 1955 Not as a Stranger as Bursar
movie 1955 The Road to Denver as Sheriff Dedrick
movie 1955 The Vanishing American as Freil
movie 1955 Timberjack as Sheriff
movie 1954 Hell's Outpost as Swede the Cook
movie 1954 Passion as Escobar
movie 1954 Prince Valiant as Sir Tristram
movie 1954 Silver Lode as Blacksmith
movie 1954 The Desperado as Police Sergeant
movie 1954 The Naked Jungle as Gruber
movie 1954 The Raid as Cpl. Fred Deane
movie 1953 A Perilous Journey as First Mate
movie 1953 Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Batley
movie 1953 Gun Fury as Sheepherder
movie 1953 Shane as Morgan Ryker
movie 1953 The Moonlighter as Sheriff Daws
movie 1953 The Vanquished as General Morris
movie 1952 Les Miserables as Bosun
movie 1952 Plymouth Adventure as Greene
movie 1952 The Sellout as Big Jake
movie 1951 Silver City as Arnie
movie 1951 The Red Badge of Courage as The Tall Soldier
movie 1951 The Thing from Another World as Dr. Chapman
movie 1950 Three Husbands as Night Court Judge
movie 1948 Macbeth as Ross
movie 1948 To the Ends of the Earth

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