John Francis Dillon

John Francis Dillon Filmography

movie 1934 The Big Shakedown
movie 1933 'Tis Spring
movie 1933 Humanity
movie 1932 Behind the Mask
movie 1932 Call Her Savage
movie 1932 Man About Town
movie 1932 The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood
movie 1931 One Yard to Go as Drunk
movie 1931 The Finger Points
movie 1931 Millie
movie 1931 The Pagan Lady
movie 1931 The Reckless Hour
movie 1930 Spring Is Here
movie 1930 Bride of the Regiment
movie 1930 Kismet
movie 1930 One Night at Susie's
movie 1930 The Girl of the Golden West
movie 1929 Careers
movie 1929 Children of the Ritz
movie 1929 Fast Life
movie 1929 Sally
movie 1928 Out of the Ruins
movie 1928 Scarlet Seas
movie 1928 The Heart of a Follies Girl
movie 1928 The Noose
movie 1927 Smile, Brother, Smile as Mr. Kline
movie 1927 Temptations of a Shop Girl as Jim Butler
movie 1927 Man Crazy
movie 1927 The Crystal Cup
movie 1927 The Prince of Headwaiters
movie 1927 The Sea Tiger
movie 1926 The Test of Donald Norton
movie 1926 Don Juan's Three Nights
movie 1926 Love's Blindness
movie 1926 Midnight Lovers
movie 1926 Too Much Money
movie 1925 Chickie
movie 1925 If I Marry Again
movie 1925 One Way Street
movie 1925 The Half-Way Girl
movie 1925 We Moderns
movie 1924 Flirting with Love
movie 1924 Lilies of the Field
movie 1924 The Perfect Flapper
movie 1923 Double Dealing as Jobson's Assistant
movie 1923 The Dangerous Maid as Bit Part
movie 1923 Flaming Youth
movie 1923 The Broken Violin
movie 1923 The Huntress
movie 1923 The Self-Made Wife
movie 1922 For His Sake
movie 1922 Without Compromise as Jackson
movie 1922 Calvert's Valley
movie 1922 Gleam O'Dawn
movie 1922 Man Wanted
movie 1922 The Cub Reporter
movie 1922 The Yellow Stain
movie 1921 Cappy Ricks as Larsen
movie 1921 Children of the Night
movie 1921 The Plaything of Broadway
movie 1921 The Roof Tree
movie 1920 Blackbirds
movie 1920 Suds
movie 1920 The Right of Way
movie 1919 Burglar by Proxy as 'Spider' Kelly
movie 1919 Green-Eyed Johnny
movie 1919 The Tea Hound
movie 1919 A Prisoner for Life
movie 1919 A Taste of Life
movie 1919 Happy Returns
movie 1919 Love's Prisoner
movie 1919 Tapering Fingers
movie 1919 Temporary Alimony
movie 1919 The Flip of a Coin
movie 1919 The Follies Girl
movie 1919 The Silk-Lined Burglar
movie 1918 Beans
movie 1918 Betty Takes a Hand
movie 1918 Heiress for a Day
movie 1918 Limousine Life
movie 1918 Nancy Comes Home
movie 1918 She Hired a Husband
movie 1918 The Love Swindle
movie 1917 A Bachelor's Finish
movie 1917 A Berth Scandal
movie 1917 A Burglar's Bride
movie 1917 A Dishonest Burglar
movie 1917 A Hotel Disgrace
movie 1917 A Warm Reception
movie 1917 Aired in Court
movie 1917 Her Finishing Touch
movie 1917 His Sudden Rival
movie 1917 His Taking Ways
movie 1917 Hobbled Hearts
movie 1917 Simple Sapho
movie 1917 Their Husband
movie 1917 Twin Troubles
movie 1917 Wheels and Woe
movie 1917 Her Birthday Knight
movie 1917 A Male Governess
movie 1917 Indiscreet Corinne
movie 1916 Getting in Wrong as Tom Brennan
movie 1916 Henry's Little Kid as Henry
movie 1916 Love, Dynamite and Baseballs as The Baseball Pitcher
movie 1916 More Truth Than Poetry as The Director
movie 1916 The Lion Hearted Chief
movie 1916 A Deep Sea Liar
movie 1916 A Mix-Up in Photos
movie 1916 A Mixup at Rudolph's
movie 1916 Bungling Bill's Burglar
movie 1916 Bungling Bill's Dress Suit
movie 1916 Bungling Bill's Peeping Ways
movie 1916 Bungling Bill, Doctor
movie 1916 Chinatown Villains
movie 1916 Delinquent Bridegrooms
movie 1916 For Ten Thousand Bucks
movie 1916 Heaven Will Protect a Woiking Goil
movie 1916 Hired and Fired
movie 1916 His Blowout
movie 1916 Igorrotes, Crocodiles and a Hat Box
movie 1916 Just for a Kid
movie 1916 Knocking Out Knockout Kelly
movie 1916 Nailing on the Lid
movie 1916 National Nuts
movie 1916 Paddy's Political Dream
movie 1916 Search Me!
movie 1916 Slipping It Over on Father
movie 1916 Some Night
movie 1916 The Iron Mitt
movie 1916 Too Much Married
movie 1916 Walk This Way
movie 1916 When Papa Died
movie 1915 A Desert Honeymoon
movie 1915 A Maid and a Man as Jack - the Golf Champion
movie 1915 A Maid by Proxy
movie 1915 A Mixed Up Elopement
movie 1915 All in the Same Boat as Jack
movie 1915 Almost a King as Jack
movie 1915 Dan Cupid: Fixer as Jack
movie 1915 Down on the Farm as The Farm Boy
movie 1915 Ethel's New Dress
movie 1915 Following Father's Footsteps
movie 1915 He Fell in a Cabaret as Tom
movie 1915 His Nobs the Duke as Jack
movie 1915 His Only Pants as The Artist's Chum
movie 1915 His Wife's Husband as Jack
movie 1915 It Happened on Friday as Jimmie Marsden
movie 1915 It Happened While He Fished as Jack
movie 1915 It Might Have Been Serious
movie 1915 Kids and Corsets as Mr. Smith - the Neighbor
movie 1915 Mixed Values
movie 1915 Molly's Malady as Jack
movie 1915 Nellie the Pride of the Fire House
movie 1915 One to the Minute
movie 1915 Taking Her Measure as The Newlywed Husband
movie 1915 The Baby's Fault as Neighbor Brown
movie 1915 The Rise and Fall of Officer 13 as Jack
movie 1915 Too Many Crooks as Jack
movie 1915 Wanted... A Chaperone as Jack
movie 1915 When Cupid Crossed the Bay
movie 1915 When His Lordship Proposed as Jack
movie 1915 With Father's Help as Jack - the Boy
movie 1915 Almost a Widow
movie 1915 Anita's Butterfly
movie 1915 Cats, Cash and a Cook Book
movie 1915 Curing Father
movie 1915 Deserted at the Auto
movie 1915 Johnny the Barber
movie 1915 Kiddus, Kids and Kiddo
movie 1915 Two Hearts and a Thief
movie 1914 A Dramatic Mistake
movie 1914 Bess the Detectress in the Dog Watch
movie 1914 Shannon of the Sixth as Umbolla, Ram's Servant
movie 1914 The Bold Banditti and the Rah, Rah Boys as Spagattio - a Blackhander
movie 1914 The Key to Yesterday as Rodman
movie 1914 The Man in the Couch
movie 1914 The Political Boss as Nonpareil Jones - Printer
movie 1914 The Primitive Instinct as Dr. Robert Walker
movie 1914 The Rajah's Vow as The Majarajah
movie 1914 His Taking Ways
movie 1913 Three Friends as First Friend
movie 1911 The Chief's Daughter as Frank's Friend

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Original Title : Millie Country : United States Language : English Release Dates : 08 February 1931 Directed by John Francis Dillon Produced by RKO Radio Pic.

A 1920 silent film directed by John Francis Dillon and starring Mary Pickford. A London laundry woman tries to rise above her station in order to capture the...

Millie (1931) is a Pre-Code drama film directed by John Francis Dillon and released by RKO Radio Pictures. Based on the novel by Donald Henderson Clarke, ...

Director: John Francis Dillon Writers: Donald Henderson Clarke (novel), Charles Kenyon (adaptation) Stars: Helen Twelvetrees, Lilyan Tashman and Robert ...