John H. Collins

John H. Collins Filmography

movie 1919 Satan Junior
movie 1919 The Gold Cure
movie 1918 A Weaver of Dreams
movie 1918 Flower of the Dusk
movie 1918 Opportunity
movie 1918 Riders of the Night
movie 1918 The Winding Trail
movie 1917 A Wife by Proxy
movie 1917 God's Law and Man's
movie 1917 Rosie O'Grady
movie 1917 The Girl Without a Soul
movie 1917 The Mortal Sin
movie 1917 Aladdin's Other Lamp
movie 1917 Blue Jeans
movie 1917 Lady Barnacle
movie 1916 The Flower of No Man's Land
movie 1916 The Gates of Eden
movie 1916 The Light of Happiness
movie 1916 The Cossack Whip
movie 1916 The Innocence of Ruth
movie 1915 Children of Eve
movie 1915 The Slavey Student
movie 1915 The Stone Heart
movie 1915 A Tragedy of the Rails
movie 1915 Cohen's Luck
movie 1915 Gladiola
movie 1915 Greater Than Art
movie 1915 Oh! Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight
movie 1915 On Dangerous Paths
movie 1915 On the Stroke of Twelve
movie 1915 The Man Who Could Not Sleep
movie 1915 The Mission of Mr. Foo
movie 1915 The Phantom Thief
movie 1915 The Ploughshare
movie 1915 The Portrait in the Attic
movie 1914 By the Aid of a Film as John Collins - Film Director
movie 1914 The Man Who Disappeared as John Collins - Film Director [Ch. 10]
movie 1914 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
movie 1914 Jim's Vindication
movie 1914 Making a Convert
movie 1914 The Everlasting Triangle
movie 1914 The Last of the Hargroves
movie 1914 The Man in the Dark
movie 1914 What Could She Do
movie 1913 Bobbie's Long Trousers
movie 1913 The Phantom Signal

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