John Lancaster

John Lancaster Filmography

movie 1917 Baseball at Mudville
movie 1917 Bill and the Bearded Lady as Bill
movie 1917 Chased Into Love
movie 1917 Everybody Was Satisfied
movie 1917 Mr. Bingo, the Bachelor as Mr. Bingo
movie 1917 No Place Like Home
movie 1917 Over the Garden Wall
movie 1917 Rescuing Uncle
movie 1917 Romance and Roses
movie 1916 Apple Butter as Postmaster Ira Pash
movie 1916 No Sir-ee Bob! as Postmaster Ira Pash
movie 1916 Small Town Stuff
movie 1916 Spooks as Postmaster Pash
movie 1916 The Manicure Girl as Postmaster Pash
movie 1916 When the Circus Came to Town as Postmaster Ira Pash
movie 1915 A Thing or Two in Movies as Ira Pash
movie 1915 And Then It Happened
movie 1915 At the Mask Ball as Mr. Prettyman
movie 1915 Landing the Hose Reel as Postmaster Ira Pash
movie 1915 Man Overboard as Mary's Father
movie 1915 Perkin's Pep Producer as Postmaster Ira Pash
movie 1915 Shoo Fly as Ira Pash
movie 1915 The Chronicles of Bloom Center as Postmaster Ira Pash
movie 1915 The Clam-Shell Suffragettes
movie 1915 The Come Back of Percy as Ira Pash
movie 1915 The Kidnapped Lover as Blair - the Millionaire
movie 1915 The Lady Killer as De Puyster
movie 1915 The Master of the Bengals as The Rajah
movie 1915 The Onion Patch
movie 1915 The Perfumed Wrestler
movie 1915 The Run on Percy as Postmaster Ira Pash
movie 1915 The Snailburg Volunteers as Ollwiz Braggen
movie 1915 The Strategist as Papa Levy
movie 1915 Two Women and One Hat as Mr. Jones
movie 1915 Who Wants to Be a Hero? as Count De Swigg
movie 1915 Why Billings Was Late as Mr. Billings
movie 1915 Wipe Yer Feet as Michael Clancy
movie 1914 A Low Financier as The Happy Hobo
movie 1914 A Surprise Party as Mr. White
movie 1914 An Embarrassing Predicament as Anatole - the French Barber
movie 1914 At the Transfer Corner as Old Man Marshall
movie 1914 Bringing Up Baby
movie 1914 Bringing Up Hubby as Mr. Smith
movie 1914 Cupid Turns the Tables as Mr. Batch
movie 1914 Did She Cure Him? as The Husband
movie 1914 Jimmie the Porter as Old Man Duncan
movie 1914 Mike the Avenger as Mike - the Avenger
movie 1914 No Wedding Bells for Her as Gerald
movie 1914 No Wedding for Her
movie 1914 Oh! Look Who's Here!
movie 1914 One Kiss as Col. Pippin
movie 1914 Red Head and Ma's Suitors as Policeman Mc Guire - the 2nd Suitor
movie 1914 Red Head Introduces Herself
movie 1914 Second Childhood as David
movie 1914 The Mysterious Beauty
movie 1914 The Mysterious Black Box as Mr. Fogg
movie 1914 The Tail of a Coat as Father Rose
movie 1914 The Tonsorial Leopard Tamer as Mose Jackson
movie 1914 Thou Shalt Not Kill
movie 1914 Which Ham Is Schnappsmeir's?
movie 1914 You Never Can Tell
movie 1913 A Curious Family as Uncle Baldy Curious
movie 1913 Alas! Poor Yorick!
movie 1913 Cupid Makes a Bull's Eye as Widower Jones
movie 1913 Cured of Her Love as Mr. Reddington - Ruth's Father
movie 1913 Hilda of Heron Cove as Hilda's Father
movie 1913 Movin' Pitchers
movie 1913 Poison Ivy as Lazy Sam
movie 1913 Steak and Onions as The Streetcar Conductor
movie 1913 Sweeney and the Fairy as Sweeney
movie 1913 Sweeney and the Million as Patrick Sweeney - the Hodcarrier
movie 1913 Sweeney's Dream as Sweeney
movie 1913 The Collector of Pearls
movie 1913 The College Chaperone as Sammy Stone - the Janitor
movie 1913 The Cowboy Editor
movie 1913 The Fugitive as The Judge
movie 1913 The Gold Brick
movie 1913 The Midnight Bell as Justice of the Peace
movie 1913 Two Artists and One Suit of Clothes as Jewish Pawnbroker
movie 1912 A Day Off as Con Ology
movie 1912 A Detective's Strategy
movie 1912 A Freight Train Drama
movie 1912 A Mail Order Hypnotist
movie 1912 An International Romance as One of the Germans
movie 1912 How the 'Duke of Leisure' Reached His Winter Home as Percival - the Duke of Leisure
movie 1912 Into the Genuine as Morgan - the Trapper
movie 1912 Just His Luck as Jenks
movie 1912 My Wife's Bonnet as Mr. Topknot
movie 1912 School Days as Uncle Heinie
movie 1912 Subterfuge
movie 1912 The Arrival of Cousin Otto as Uncle Heinie
movie 1912 The Borrowed Umbrella as Mr. Smith
movie 1912 The Hobo's Rest Cure as Bill Grogan - the Happy Hobo
movie 1912 The Katzenjammer Kids as Uncle Heinie
movie 1912 The Pennant Puzzle as Casey
movie 1912 They Entertain Company as Uncle Heinie
movie 1912 They Go to School as Uncle Heinie
movie 1912 They Go Toboganning as Uncle Heinie
movie 1912 They Plan a Trip to Germany as Uncle Heinie
movie 1912 Two Gay Dogs as Stevens
movie 1912 Unwilling Scholars as Uncle Heinie

John Lancaster on Youtube

A trailer for John Lancaster's debut solo album, "Phantom Moon".

BCSboxing trailer.

first trailer from the forthcoming 7 " !!! Out 7 / 7 / 2013 on Daredevil Records ! Featuring John Lancaster from CHUM on vocals !

From the 6 song EP "Crash Test In Progress".