John Lynch

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John Lynch Filmography

movie 2013 Hell Baby
tv movie 2011 The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down
tv movie 2010 Alabama
tv movie 2010 Back Nine
movie 2009 Military Husband
tv movie 2008 Peep Show
tv movie 2005 Back to Norm
tv series 2005 The Hollow Men
tv series 2002 Virgin Chronicles
tv series 2001 The Andy Dick Show
tv series 2000 Caitlin's Way
tv movie 1998 Magic Jersey
tv movie 1996 Shadow Zone: The Undead Express
tv movie 1996 The Pathfinder
tv movie 1995 Breakthroughs: Amazing Things to Come
tv series 1993 Xuxa

John Lynch on Youtube

visit for more... Librium is a Surfing Movie by one of my favorite surf film makers John Lynch. I was lucky enough to be able ...

Due to the producer being convicted of embezzlement this movie was never sent to theaters but the producer allowed me to put it on youtube.

SCINTILLA Trailer directed by Billy O'Brien and starring Perri Hanson, Antonia Thomas, John Lynch Abel Powell is released and given the chance to regroup his ...

Critically acclaimed around the world, this new classic starts Peter O'Toole, Samantha Morton, Peter Dinklage and John Lynch. Distributed by Roadside Attract...