John Miltern

John Miltern Filmography

movie 1937 Lost Horizon as Carstairs - Man at Club
movie 1936 Everybody's Old Man as Larson
movie 1936 Give Us This Night as Vincenti
movie 1936 Murder on a Bridle Path as Patrick 'Pat' Gregg
movie 1936 Parole! as Governor Slade
movie 1936 Ring Around the Moon as Mr. Endicott
movie 1936 Sins of Man as Mr. Hall
movie 1936 The Plot Thickens as Mr. Gordon, Museum Guard
movie 1935 A Tale of Two Cities as Clerk
movie 1935 Ah, Wilderness! as Typesetter
movie 1935 Diamond Jim as Briggs
movie 1935 Metropolitan as Bank President
movie 1935 Thanks a Million as Politician
movie 1935 The Dark Angel as Mr. Henry Vane
movie 1935 The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo as 1st Assistant Director
movie 1934 Social Register as Mr. Breene
movie 1933 The Film Parade as Himself, film clip
movie 1932 Big Town as Frederick Holman
movie 1927 East Side, West Side as Gerrit Rantoul
movie 1927 The Love of Sunya as Asa Ashling
movie 1926 Fine Manners as Courtney Adams
movie 1925 Coming Through as John Rand
movie 1924 Tongues of Flame as Scanlon
movie 1923 The Ne'er-Do-Well as Stephen Cortlandt
movie 1922 Kick In as District Attorney Brandon
movie 1922 Love's Boomerang as Russell Felton
movie 1922 Manslaughter as Gov. Stephan Albee
movie 1922 The Hands of Nara as Dr. Haith Clavelous
movie 1922 The Man from Home as The King
movie 1922 The Man Who Saw Tomorrow as Professor Jansen
movie 1922 Three Live Ghosts as Peter Lame
movie 1921 Experience as Experience
movie 1921 The Kentuckians as Colton
movie 1920 On with the Dance as Schuyler Van Vechten
movie 1919 Broth for Supper
movie 1919 The Profiteers as Richard Randall
movie 1918 Her Final Reckoning as Prince Zilah
movie 1918 Innocent as John Wyndham
movie 1918 Let's Get a Divorce as Henri de Prunelles
movie 1917 The Black Stork
movie 1916 New York as Oliver King

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