John Orcsik

John Orcsik Filmography

movie 2014 Crime & Punishment as Sutherland
movie 2013 3 Minutes as Boss
movie 2012 Taking Stock as Ted Downes
tv movie 2011 Underbelly Files: The Man Who Got Away as Ferdi Vigano
movie 2007 The Condemned as Belarus Warden
tv movie 2001 The Day of the Roses as Erica's Doctor
tv series 1996 Pacific Drive as Wes Sondergard
tv series 1993 Paradise Beach as Mr. Jerome
tv movie 1992 Academy
movie 1989 Kokoda Crescent as Vince
tv movie 1989 The Hijacking of the Achille Lauro as Samir Al-Quantari
tv movie 1988 Dadah Is Death
movie 1987 The Edge of Power as Alex Cahill
tv movie 1984 Displaced Persons as Miklos
tv movie 1979 Harvest of Hate as Terrorist
tv series 1977 Cop Shop as Det. Mike Georgiou
tv movie 1976 Murcheson Creek
tv movie 1976 Secret Doors
movie 1976 The Trespassers as Cedric
tv series 1976 The Sullivans as Father Mulcahy
movie 1975 The Man from Hong Kong as Charles
tv series 1975 Ben Hall as Gilbert
movie 1974 Number 96 as Simon Carr
movie 1974 Petersen as Walter
movie 1973 I Need More Staff
tv movie 1972 The Man Who Shot the Albatross
tv series 1972 Number 96 as Simon Carr
tv series 1967 Bellbird

John Orcsik on Youtube

Audition scene.

'Cop Shop' cast members John Orcsik, Paula Duncan, Lynda Stoner,Terry Donovan, Gil Tucker & Joanna Lockwood.appearing on 'Where Are They Now' in ...

Directed by John Orcsik Camera and Editing: James Romeril.

Scene 2 - Benn Allsop - Screentest for TAFTA's John Orcsik.