John Rand

John Langdon Rand (October 28, 1861-November 19, 1942) was a U.S. politician and jurist in the state of Oregon. He served as the 22nd Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court. Overall he was on Oregon?s highest court from 1921 to 1942 serving as chief justice three times. A native of New Hampshire, he served in the Oregon State Senate prior to his judicial career. ... more on Wikipedia

John Rand Filmography

movie 1941 The Chaplin Cavalcade as Various Roles
movie 1940 You Nazty Spy! as Grey-haired Axis Minister
movie 1939 A Ducking They Did Go as Duck Farmer
movie 1938 Blondie as Gardener
movie 1938 City Streets as Vendor
movie 1938 Mutts to You as Mr. Mulcahy
movie 1938 Wee Wee Monsieur as Man in Street
movie 1937 Back to the Woods as Governor's Aide
movie 1937 It's All Yours as Clerk
movie 1936 Free Rent
movie 1936 Mister Smarty
movie 1936 Modern Times as Other Waiter
movie 1936 Neighborhood House as Husband
movie 1936 Whoops, I'm an Indian! as Saloon Patron
movie 1935 Behind the Evidence as Janitor
movie 1935 Old Sawbones
movie 1935 Uncivil Warriors as Soldier
movie 1934 Hell in the Heavens as Pilot
movie 1934 Name the Woman as Janitor
movie 1932 Hatta Marri as Captain of Legionnaires
movie 1931 City Lights as Tramp Who Dives for Cigar
movie 1931 The Albany Branch as Butler
movie 1928 The Circus as An Assistant Property Man
movie 1926 Don't Stop
movie 1926 His Taking Ways
movie 1925 Red Pepper
movie 1925 The Gold Rush as Prospector
movie 1924 Fast and Furious as The Boss
movie 1923 The Two Johns
movie 1922 Bow Wow as The Country Girl's Father
movie 1922 Pay Day as Workman
movie 1921 A Small Town Idol as Churchgoer
movie 1921 Astray from the Steerage as Man from Intellience [?] Department
movie 1921 Call a Cop as The Justice of the Peace
movie 1921 Made in the Kitchen as The Minister
movie 1921 Officer Cupid as The Desk Sergeant
movie 1921 The Idle Class as Golfer
movie 1921 The Unhappy Finish as Shakespearean Actor
movie 1920 Don't Weaken! as The Cop
movie 1920 Down on the Farm as Villager
movie 1920 Fickle Fancy as The Proprietor
movie 1920 Love, Honor and Behave! as Cop
movie 1920 Movie Fans as The Director
movie 1919 A Lady's Tailor as The Cafe Waiter
movie 1919 Hearts and Flowers as The Trumpet Player
movie 1919 The Speakeasy as The Sheriff
movie 1919 Uncle Tom Without a Cabin as Blackface Performer
movie 1919 Up in Alf's Place as Man in Delicatessen
movie 1919 When Love Is Blind as 2nd Tough Guy
movie 1918 A Self-Made Lady
movie 1918 Huns and Hyphens as Unhappy Customer
movie 1918 Shoulder Arms as U.S. Soldier
movie 1918 The Cook
movie 1917 Easy Street as Mission Tramp
movie 1917 Fired
movie 1917 Jerry and the Burglars
movie 1917 Jerry's Boarding House
movie 1917 Jerry's Lucky Day
movie 1917 Jerry's Running Fight
movie 1917 The Adventurer as Guest
movie 1917 The Cure as Sanitarium Attendant
movie 1917 The Immigrant as Tipsy Diner Who Cannot Pay
movie 1916 Behind the Screen as Stagehand
movie 1916 Police as The Cop
movie 1916 The Count as Guest
movie 1916 The Fireman as Fireman
movie 1916 The Floorwalker as Policeman
movie 1916 The Pawnshop as Pawnshop Assistant
movie 1916 The Rink as Waiter
movie 1916 The Vagabond as Trumpeter & Band Leader
movie 1915 A Burlesque on Carmen as Escamillo the Toreador
movie 1915 A Night in the Show as Orchestra Conductor
movie 1915 Adam's Ancestors as Jim Quince - a Farmer
movie 1915 Almost a Scandal
movie 1915 Burlesque on Carmen as Escamillo - a Toreador
movie 1915 Rough But Romantic
movie 1915 Shanghaied as Ship's Cook
movie 1915 The Bank as Bank Robber and Salesman
movie 1915 Whitewashing William as Alwais d'Aubyng - an Artist
movie 1914 The No-Account Count as Hardup
movie 1914 Universal Ike Junior and the Vampire as 2nd Fool
movie 1914 Universal Ike Junior in Me, Him, and I
movie 1913 Love and Rubbish as Park Bystander in Straw Hat
movie 1913 Mrs. Brown's Burglar as The Police Sergeant
movie 1913 The Rival Pitchers as The Umpire

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