John Rogers

John Rogers Filmography

movie 1957 Five Clues to Fortune as Michael
movie 1956 The Boss as Deadbeat in Saloon
tv movie 1955 The Merry Wives of Windsor as Robin
movie 1954 Charge of the Lancers as Reluctant Boxing Soldier
movie 1953 Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Drunk in Pub
movie 1953 Fort Ti as Sentry
movie 1953 Loose in London as Ship's Steward
movie 1952 Captain Pirate as Pirate
movie 1952 Fearless Fagan as Minor Role
movie 1952 Les Miserables as Bonnet
movie 1952 Pat and Mike as Photographer
movie 1951 Royal Wedding as Cockney in Pub
movie 1951 Thunder on the Hill as Villager
movie 1950 Chain Gang as Joe - Lunch Counterman
movie 1950 Chain Lightning as Cafe Owner
movie 1950 Fortunes of Captain Blood as Jonesy - a Pirate
movie 1947 Forever Amber as Nicks
movie 1947 Moss Rose as Fothergill
movie 1947 Thunder in the Valley as MacKenzie
movie 1946 To Each His Own as Cockney Cabbie
movie 1945 Confidential Agent as Seaman
movie 1945 Dangerous Intruder as Foster
movie 1945 Hangover Square as Passerby with Baskets
movie 1944 Alaska as Stumpy
movie 1944 Marine Raiders as Australian Barman
movie 1944 National Velvet as Bookie
movie 1944 Passport to Destiny as Second Air Raid Warden
movie 1944 The Canterville Ghost as SIr Simon's Squire
movie 1944 The Lodger as Down and Outer
movie 1944 The Suspect as Mr. Margett
movie 1944 The White Cliffs of Dover as Southhampton Porter
movie 1943 Holy Matrimony as Lounger
movie 1943 Lassie Come Home as Snickers
movie 1943 Sweet Rosie O'Grady as Ship's Steward
movie 1943 Thumbs Up as Kitchen Gadget Vendor
movie 1942 Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror as Basement Dive Patron
movie 1942 The Mummy's Tomb as Ship's Steward
movie 1942 The Undying Monster as Tom Clagpool
movie 1942 This Above All as Train Porter
movie 1941 A Yank in the R.A.F. as Chauffeur
movie 1941 Here Comes Mr. Jordan as Escort
movie 1941 Hudson's Bay as Sailor
movie 1941 Man Hunt as Cockney-Henchman
movie 1941 Mutiny in the Arctic as The Mess Boy
movie 1941 Scotland Yard as Newsboy
movie 1941 They Dare Not Love as Non-Commissioned Officer
movie 1940 Out West with the Peppers as Ship Steward
movie 1940 The Devil's Pipeline as Edwards
movie 1940 The Quarterback as Waiter
movie 1940 Typhoon as Bar keep
movie 1940 Victory as Engineer
movie 1939 Arrest Bulldog Drummond as Guggins - Scrawny Henchman
movie 1939 The Witness Vanishes as Printer
movie 1938 A Christmas Carol as Chestnut Vendor
movie 1938 Gateway as Steward
movie 1938 Mysterious Mr. Moto as Sniffy
movie 1938 The Buccaneer as Mouse
movie 1937 45 Fathers as Porter
movie 1937 Bulldog Drummond Comes Back as Blanton
movie 1937 Step Lively, Jeeves! as Tailor
movie 1937 Think Fast, Mr. Moto as Carson
movie 1936 Charlie Chan at the Race Track as Mooney
movie 1936 High Tension as Janitor
movie 1936 Klondike Annie as Buddie
movie 1936 Love Before Breakfast as Dickson
movie 1936 Suzy as Counterman
movie 1936 The Girl from Mandalay
movie 1936 The White Angel as Patient
movie 1936 Till We Meet Again as First Cabby
movie 1935 A Feather in Her Hat as Henry Vining
movie 1935 Black Sheep as Steward
movie 1935 People Will Talk as Spider Murphy
movie 1934 Charlie Chan in London as Lake
movie 1934 Grand Canary as Trout
movie 1934 Jane Eyre as Sam Poole
movie 1934 Limehouse Blues as Smokey
movie 1934 Long Lost Father as Mr. Arno
movie 1934 Pursued as Ship's Steward
movie 1934 Wharf Angel as Goliath
movie 1933 Cavalcade as Busker
movie 1932 Bachelor's Affairs as Ship Steward #1
movie 1931 Charlie Chan Carries On as Martin
movie 1931 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Music Hall Waiter
movie 1931 Murder by the Clock as Hollander's Valet
movie 1931 Newly Rich
movie 1930 Girl of the Port as Bit Part
movie 1930 Old English as Budgeon - a Shareholder
movie 1930 Raffles as Crawshaw
movie 1930 The Sea Wolf as Mugridge
movie 1929 Behind That Curtain as Alf Pornick

John Rogers on Youtube

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