John Smiley

John Smiley (born March 17, 1965 in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania) is an American former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for four teams: the Pittsburgh Pirates, Minnesota Twins, the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians in a twelve year career from 1986 to 1997. ... more on Wikipedia

John Smiley Filmography

movie 1920 The Woman Gives as Cornelius
movie 1919 Out Yonder as Amos Bart
movie 1919 The Price of Innocence as Parson John
movie 1919 The Unbroken Promise as Old Man Loring
movie 1918 Secret Strings as Benjamin Moraud
movie 1918 The Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds as William Morris
movie 1918 The Brass Check as William Roberts
movie 1918 The Trail to Yesterday as Ben Doubler
movie 1917 Patsy as John Primnel
movie 1917 The Adopted Son as Luke Conover
movie 1917 The Millionaire's Double as Stevens
movie 1917 Their Compact as Peters
movie 1916 God's Half Acre as Professor Sterling
movie 1916 The Fortunate Youth as Barney Bill Simmons
movie 1916 The Half Million Bribe as Pemmican
movie 1916 The Upheaval as Benjamin Waters
movie 1915 A Clean Slate
movie 1915 A Delayed Reformation
movie 1915 A Tragedy of the Hills
movie 1915 A War Baby
movie 1915 Bags of Gold as Old Eliot
movie 1915 Her Idol as McMurtrie
movie 1915 Her Mother's Secret
movie 1915 In Her Mother's Footsteps as Dr. Marriott
movie 1915 Nobody Would Believe
movie 1915 Rated at $10,000,000
movie 1915 Romance as a Remedy
movie 1915 The Climbers as Dr. Steinhart
movie 1915 The Gray Horror as Parr - Betty's Father
movie 1915 The Language of the Dumb
movie 1915 The Love of Women
movie 1915 The Road o' Strife
movie 1915 The Steadfast
movie 1915 The White Mask
movie 1915 The Witness
movie 1915 Voices from the Past as Henry Craig
movie 1915 Whom the Gods Would Destroy as Detective Whitaker
movie 1914 A Desperate Chance as Peter Delany
movie 1914 A Strange Melody as Shorty Hall
movie 1914 Above the Law as John Rand - Meg's Father
movie 1914 As We Forgive Those as John Gray
movie 1914 Little Breeches as Gabriel Hall
movie 1914 Marah, the Pythoness as Hassan
movie 1914 The Better Man as The Older Brother
movie 1914 The Bond of Womanhood as Rowes - Jenks' Drinking Companion
movie 1914 The Engineer's Revenge as Green - the Engineer
movie 1914 The Grip of the Past as Craven
movie 1914 The House of Darkness as John Collins
movie 1914 The Inspector's Story as Jim Sloane - the Father
movie 1914 The Lost Child
movie 1914 The Marriage Wager
movie 1914 The Sleeping Sentinel as The Union General
movie 1914 The Triumph of Right as Stephen Jepson
movie 1914 The Trunk Mystery as Dunn Brown
movie 1914 Who Seeks Revenge as Mike Hogan
movie 1913 Between Dances as The Old Story Teller
movie 1913 Bob Builds a Chicken House as John Smiley
movie 1913 Bob Buys an Auto
movie 1913 Breed of the North as Phillips
movie 1913 Dregs as The Husband
movie 1913 From Out of the Flood as John
movie 1913 Getting Married as The Uncle
movie 1913 It Might Have Been as Thomas - a Servant
movie 1913 Jane's Waterloo as Old Man Prue - Jane's Father
movie 1913 Just Out of College
movie 1913 Quarantined as Colonel Wilson
movie 1913 The Battle of Shiloh as Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
movie 1913 The Miser as John Osborne - Paul's Father - the Miser
movie 1913 The Penalty of Crime as The Jeweler's Father
movie 1913 The Veil of Sleep
movie 1913 The Wiles of Cupid as The Girl's Father
movie 1913 Through Flaming Paths
movie 1913 Through Many Trials as Farmer Abner Brown
movie 1913 What's in a Name? as G.A. Wifey

John Smiley on Youtube

The second trailer I made for Duck U during the winter 2009 term.

Pelistar TV Captures John Smiley in Alabama.

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