John St. Polis

John St. Polis (24 November 1873 ? 8 October 1946), was an American actor. He appeared in 126 films between 1914 and 1943. ... more on Wikipedia

John St. Polis Filmography

movie 1946 Jungle Terror as Chandler Elliott
movie 1943 Assignment in Brittany as Old Man at Inn
movie 1942 Crossroads as Professor
movie 1942 Reap the Wild Wind as Devereaux Foreign Agent
movie 1941 Federal Fugitives as Doctor
movie 1941 Hurricane Smith as Doctor
movie 1940 Abe Lincoln in Illinois as Minor Role
movie 1940 Haunted House as Simkins
movie 1940 Knights of the Range as Doctor
movie 1940 On the Spot as Doc Hunter
movie 1940 Rocky Mountain Rangers as Joseph Manners
movie 1939 Boys' Reformatory as Superintendent Keene
movie 1939 They Shall Have Music as Davis
movie 1938 International Crime as Roger Morton
movie 1938 Mr. Wong, Detective as Roemer
movie 1938 Phantom Ranger as Pat Doyle
movie 1938 Saleslady as Crane
movie 1938 The Mysterious Rider as Townsman
movie 1937 Borderland as Doctor
movie 1937 Jungle Menace as Chandler Elliott [Ch.1]
movie 1937 Paradise Isle as Coxon
movie 1937 Rustlers' Valley as Banker Crawford
movie 1937 The Shadow Strikes as Caleb Delthern
movie 1937 Woman in Distress as Duval
movie 1936 Below the Deadline as Mr. Abrams
movie 1936 Call of the Prairie as Banker Jim
movie 1936 The Border Patrolman as Manning
movie 1936 The Dark Hour as Dr. Munro
movie 1936 Three on the Trail as Sheriff Sam Corwin
movie 1935 Death from a Distance as Prof. Trowbridge
movie 1935 Magnificent Obsession as Seabury - Ex-Patient
movie 1935 The Lady in Scarlet as Jerome T. Shelby
movie 1934 Guilty Parents as Defense attorney
movie 1934 The President Vanishes
movie 1933 Cocktail Hour as French Police Investigator
movie 1933 King of the Arena as Governor
movie 1933 Notorious But Nice as John J. Martin
movie 1933 Sing, Sinner, Sing as James Parks
movie 1933 Terror Trail as Colonel Charles Ormsby
movie 1933 The World Gone Mad as Grover Cromwell
movie 1932 Alias the Doctor as Dr. Niergardt
movie 1932 Call Her Savage as Doctor Consoling Nasa
movie 1932 False Faces as Dr. McDonald
movie 1932 Forbidden Company as David Grant
movie 1932 Gambling Sex as John Tracy
movie 1932 If I Had a Million as Glidden Associate
movie 1932 Lena Rivers as John Nichols
movie 1932 Symphony of Six Million as Dr. Schifflen
movie 1932 The Crusader as Robert Henley
movie 1932 The Match King as Banker
movie 1931 Beau Ideal as Judge Advocate
movie 1931 Doctors' Wives as Dr. Mark Wyndram
movie 1931 Heartbreak as U.S. Ambassador
movie 1931 Men of the Sky as Madeleine's Father
movie 1931 The Criminal Code as Dr. Rinewulf
movie 1931 The Gay Diplomat as General
movie 1931 The Wide Open Spaces as Townsman
movie 1931 The Yellow Ticket as Passport Official at Airport
movie 1931 Their Mad Moment as Hotel Manager
movie 1931 Transgression as Serafin, Arturo's Butler
movie 1930 A Devil with Women as Don Diego
movie 1930 Captain Thunder as Pedro
movie 1930 Guilty? as Polk
movie 1930 In the Next Room as Philip Vantine
movie 1930 Kismet as The Imam Mahmud
movie 1930 Melody Man as Von Kemper
movie 1930 Party Girl as John Rountree
movie 1930 The Bad One as Judge
movie 1930 The Three Sisters as Judge
movie 1929 Coquette as Dr. John Besant
movie 1929 Fast Life as Andrew Stratton
movie 1929 The Diplomats
movie 1929 Why Be Good? as Pa Kelly
movie 1928 A Woman's Way as Mouvet
movie 1928 Marriage by Contract as Father
movie 1928 The Grain of Dust as Mr. Burroughs
movie 1928 The Gun Runner as The Presidente
movie 1928 The Power of Silence as Defense Attorney
movie 1927 The Unknown as Surgeon
movie 1927 Too Many Crooks as Erastus Mason
movie 1926 The Far Cry as Count Filippo Sturani
movie 1926 The Greater Glory as Prof. Leopold Eberhardt
movie 1926 The Lily as Comte de Maigny
movie 1926 The Return of Peter Grimm as Andrew McPherson
movie 1925 My Lady's Lips as Inspector
movie 1925 Paint and Powder as Mark Kelsey
movie 1925 The Phantom of the Opera as Comte Philip de Chagny
movie 1924 A Fool's Awakening as Lt. Wedderburn
movie 1924 Folly of Vanity as Ridgeway
movie 1924 In Every Woman's Life as Dr. Philip Logan
movie 1924 Mademoiselle Midnight as Colonel de Gontran
movie 1924 The Alaskan as Rossland
movie 1924 The Dixie Handicap as Dexter
movie 1924 The Rose of Paris as André du Vallois
movie 1924 Those Who Dance as Monahan
movie 1924 Three Weeks as The King
movie 1923 A Prince of a King as Mario
movie 1923 Held to Answer as Hiram Burbeck
movie 1923 Souls for Sale as Himself - Celebrity Actor in Commissary
movie 1923 The Hero as Andrew Lane
movie 1923 The Social Code as Defense Attorney
movie 1923 The Untameable as Dr. Copin
movie 1923 Three Wise Fools as John Crawshay
movie 1923 Woman-Proof as Milo Bleech
movie 1922 Shadows as Nate Snow
movie 1921 Cappy Ricks as Skinner
movie 1921 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as Etienne Laurier
movie 1920 Old Dad as Jeffrey Bretton
movie 1920 The Great Lover as Jean Paurel
movie 1919 The Poison Pen as Dr. McKenna
movie 1918 All Woman as Sam Tupper
movie 1918 Laughing Bill Hyde as Black Jack Burg
movie 1918 Money Mad as Martin Ross
movie 1918 Resurrection as Simonson
movie 1918 Stake Uncle Sam to Play Your Hand
movie 1917 Public Defender as David Moulton
movie 1917 Sapho as Dejoie
movie 1917 Sleeping Fires as Edwin Bryce
movie 1917 The Fortunes of Fifi as Duvernet
movie 1917 The Love That Lives as Harvey Brooks
movie 1917 The Mark of Cain as Judge Hoyt
movie 1917 The Mystic Hour as Clavering
movie 1916 The Salamander as Albert Sassoon
movie 1916 The Social Highwayman as Hanby
movie 1916 The World Against Him as Dr. Hamilton Welsh
movie 1916 The Yellow Passport as Fedia
movie 1915 Bondwomen as Dr. Hugh Ellis
movie 1915 Wormwood as Gaston Beauvais
movie 1914 Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors
movie 1914 Soldiers of Fortune as Pres. Alvarez

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