John Stocker

John Stocker Filmography

tv movie 2010 Dex Hamilton: Fire and Ice as Baxter
tv series 2010 Ratrod TV
tv series 2005 Faireez
tv series 2005 Mischief City as Mr. Cube
video movie 2004 Care Bears: Forever Friends as Beastley
tv movie 2002 La légende du sapin de Noël as Lotor
tv movie 2001 Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows as George Cukor
tv movie 2000 Redwall: The Movie as Brother Alf
tv series 2000 For Better or for Worse as Additional Voices
tv movie 1999 Something from Nothing as Papa Mouse
movie 1998 The Big Hit as Sid Mussberger - The Neighbor
movie 1998 The White Raven as Reporter
tv series 1998 Bad Dog
tv movie 1997 Color of Justice as Court Clerk
tv series 1996 Blazing Dragons as Sir Burnevere
tv series 1995 Sailor Moon
movie 1993 Look Who's Talking Now as Sol
tv movie 1993 The Incredible Crash Dummies as Doctor Zub
tv movie 1992 The Rosey & Buddy Show as Additional Voices
tv series 1992 Stunt Dawgs as Richard P. Fungus
tv movie 1991 The Soulmates: The Gift of Light
tv series 1991 Hammerman as Additional Voices
tv series 1990 Piggsburg Pigs as Puff
tv series 1990 Wake, Rattle & Roll as Benny the Ball
movie 1989 Babar: The Movie as Zephir
tv movie 1989 Madeline
movie 1989 The Dream Team as Murray
tv series 1989 Maxie's World as Mr. Garcia
video movie 1988 Care Bears Nutcracker Suite as Rat King
video movie 1988 Clifford's Fun with Letters
tv series 1988 ALF Tales as Additional Voices
tv movie 1987 Barbie and the Rockers: Out of This World
movie 1987 Concrete Angels as Mr. Stock
tv movie 1987 Fight for Life
video movie 1987 Madballs: Gross Jokes as Skull Face
tv movie 1987 Meet Julie
movie 1987 The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland as Dim
tv series 1987 Dinosaucers as Terrible Dactyl
tv series 1987 My Pet Monster
video movie 1986 Madballs: Escape from Orb! as Aargh
tv series 1985 Ewoks as Additional Voices
tv series 1985 Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors as Gun Grinner
movie 1984 Finders Keepers as UBS Editor
movie 1983 Joy as George Miller
movie 1982 Ozu no mahôtsukai as The Tin Woodman
tv movie 1981 B.C.: A Special Christmas as Curls
movie 1980 The Kidnapping of the President as Herman
tv series 1975 Coming Up Rosie as Dwayne Kramer
tv series 1974 Dr. Zonk and the Zunkins
tv series 1973 Music Machine as Zoo Factory Member
movie 1967 An Evening in Paris as Supporting Artiste - Nightclub

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NerdEmperor Interview with Legendary Voice Actor & Director John Stocker at SuperFan ComicCon 2014 in Toronto. May 19, 2014.

You may also know John Stocker as the voice of Newton Gimmick in Teddy Ruxpin. (he looks like him too with a stache) We at least met him, made him happy ...