John Sturgeon

John Sturgeon Filmography

movie 1918 The Blind Adventure as Walters
movie 1918 To Him That Hath as Blake
movie 1917 Next Door to Nancy as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 The Coward's Code
movie 1916 When Love Is King as The Prince of Trebizond
movie 1915 Her Vocation as Emmett O'Neal
movie 1915 His Wife's Sweetheart
movie 1915 Matilda's Fling as Daniel Waring
movie 1915 On the Stroke of Twelve as Henry Holden, Villon's Clerk
movie 1915 Sally Castleton, Southerner
movie 1915 The Call of the City
movie 1915 The Destroying Angel as Mary's Father
movie 1915 The Girl Who Kept Books as Brisbee
movie 1915 The Hand of the Law as Hiram Gregory
movie 1915 The Heart of a Waif as Joshua Jenkins
movie 1915 The King of the Wire as Senator Strong
movie 1915 The Newly Rich as The Father
movie 1915 The Parson's Button Matcher
movie 1915 The Test as Newspaperman
movie 1915 Their Own Ways as Silas Gray
movie 1915 Vanity Fair as Major O'Dowd
movie 1915 Waifs of the Sea
movie 1914 A Foolish Agreement as Saunders - the Burglar
movie 1914 A Matter of High Explosives
movie 1914 A Moment of Madness as Butler
movie 1914 A Tale of Old Tucson
movie 1914 Face Value as 2nd Lawyer
movie 1914 Frederick the Great
movie 1914 How Bobby Called Her Bluff
movie 1914 Molly the Drummer Boy as Bill Mason - Molly's Father
movie 1914 One Touch of Nature as Mr. Bradley
movie 1914 The Adventure of the Alarm Clock
movie 1914 The Adventure of the Wrong Santa Claus as The Burglar
movie 1914 The Blue Coyote Cherry Crop
movie 1914 The Coward and the Man
movie 1914 The Double Shadow as The Clerk
movie 1914 The Last Scene of All as John Arden - the Old Actor
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Amsterdam Diamonds
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Ladder of Light
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Lost Stradivarius
movie 1914 The Stenographer
movie 1914 The Two Doctors
movie 1914 Treasure Trove
movie 1914 While the Tide Was Rising
movie 1914 Who Goes There?
movie 1914 With the Eyes of Love
movie 1913 A Daughter of the Wilderness
movie 1913 A Face from the Past as Margaret's Father
movie 1913 A Light on Troubled Waters as Joe Gorman
movie 1913 A Perilous Cargo as The Lighthouse Keeper
movie 1913 A Taste of His Own Medicine
movie 1913 At Bear Track Gulch as Mr. Lorraine - Alice's Father
movie 1913 Interrupted Wedding Bells as The Barber's Assistant
movie 1913 It Is Never Too Late to Mend as Mr. Merton
movie 1913 Joyce of the North Woods as Jude
movie 1913 The Contents of the Suitcase
movie 1913 The Heart of Valeska as Valeska's Father
movie 1913 The Upward Way
movie 1912 A Fresh Air Romance as Rose's Father
movie 1912 A Funeral That Flashed in the Pan
movie 1912 A Man in the Making
movie 1912 Children Who Labor as Immigrant Father
movie 1912 Dr. Brompton Watts' Age Adjuster as Dr. Brompton Watts
movie 1912 Fog as The Rat
movie 1912 Martin Chuzzlewit as Anthony Chuzzlewit - Old Martin's Brother
movie 1912 Nerves and the Man as The Discharged Clerk
movie 1912 On Donovan's Division as John Carlin - the Station Master
movie 1912 The Convict's Parole as The Warden's Stool Pigeon
movie 1912 The Crime of Carelessness
movie 1912 The Escape from Bondage as The Fisherman
movie 1912 The Father as Henry Bent - the Confidential Clerk
movie 1912 The Street Beautiful
movie 1912 The Yarn of the Nancy Belle
movie 1912 Their Hero
movie 1912 When She Was About Sixteen

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sweet fun with uncle johny.

May 2008 Is it Just Me was produced by a collaborative effort with Sean Lake and with the guidance of John Sturgeon and Kelley Bell. The short film is a ment...