Jonathan Nation

Jonathan Nation Filmography

video movie 2014 Asian School Girls as Carl
video movie 2013 Alone for Christmas as Anthony
movie 2013 Cleaver Family Reunion as Police Officer
video movie 2013 Hansel & Gretel as Jane's Father
video movie 2012 Air Collision as Brent Powel
video movie 2012 Bikini Spring Break as Dean Hanlo
video movie 2012 Clash of the Empires as Java Picker & Task Master
movie 2012 LizardMan: The Terror of the Swamp as Sports Fan #2
video movie 2011 Princess and the Pony as Sheriff Bartelbum
video movie 2010 #1 Cheerleader Camp as Marco
video movie 2010 6 Guns as Henry
video movie 2010 Airline Disaster as Glenn Russell
movie 2010 Devil on My Shoulder as Henry
tv movie 2010 Mega Piranha as Mort
video movie 2009 Countdown: Jerusalem as Man in Bathroom
video movie 2009 Dragonquest as Rachek
video movie 2009 Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus as Vince
video movie 2008 2012 Doomsday as Uncle Jim
video movie 2008 Death Racers as Blender
video movie 2008 War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave as Stram
movie 2007 Cataclysmo and the Time Boys as Government Dude #2

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Directed by Jack Perez, with Deborah Gibson; Lorenzo Lamas; Vic Chao; Jonathan Nation; Mark Hengst; Michael Teh; Chris Haley; Sean Lawlor; Dustin Harnish; De...

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Los Angeles-based actor Bill Oberst Jr. as Synder the shady carnival owner in PRINCESS AND THE PONY a 2011 family ...