Jonathan Pontell

Jonathan Pontell is a television director, producer and editor. ... more on Wikipedia

Jonathan Pontell Filmography

tv movie 2010 Legally Mad
video movie 2009 Bygone Days: An Ally McBeal Retrospective
video movie 2007 Calling All Friends: The Story of 'What About Brian' as Himself - Director
tv movie 2005 Halley's Comet
tv series 2005 The Law Firm
tv movie 2004 DeMarco Affairs
tv series 2000 Boston Public
tv series 1999 Ally
tv series 1997 The Practice
tv series 1987 Beverly Hills Buntz
tv series 1987 Hooperman
movie 1972 The Ringer

Jonathan Pontell on Youtube

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On CNN, the day before Election Day 2008, Social Commentator Jonathan Pontell--the person who identified, and coined the term Generation Jones--discusses ...

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Even under strict new ethics rules, corporate lobbyists are spending millions of dollars and throwing lavish parties to influence lawmakers at the 2008 Democ...