Jonny Lewis

Jonny Lewis Filmography

movie 2014 Fearless: The Documentary as Himself
movie 2014 The Call as Stanley Colt
tv movie 2013 International Pageantry Mexico & Mrs Universe Ltd 2013 as Himself - Guest Star
movie 2013 Workers as Supervisor
movie 2013 Bello Atardecer
movie 2013 Dentista Bueno
movie 2013 Sit, Jimmy
movie 2013 The Still Small Voice
tv series 2013 Malitas
movie 2012 Manly Advice as Ted
movie 2012 Reawakening as Dr. Dennis Wilkinson
movie 2012 The Rental as Mason
movie 2011 But I - Director Interview as Himself - Director
movie 2011 But I-- as Dr. Dave Dortman
movie 2011 Fragile as Infected Man
movie 2011 Thanks for Stopping By as George Sanborn
movie 2011 Vanish as Middle Aged Man
movie 2011 Yar Sel as Homeowner #3
movie 2011 Littering Is Bad
movie 2011 Tea Time
movie 2010 Darkmoon as Detective Roberts
movie 2010 KingBreaker as Senator Allen McPherson
movie 2010 North Star as Larry
video movie 2010 The Indies as Executive
movie 2010 The Last Man Standing as El Capitan
movie 2010 The Traveler as Clancey
movie 2010 Wubble Down as Dad
movie 2010 That's Awesome
movie 2009 Birthday as Richard
movie 2009 Pawn as Banquet Guest
movie 2009 Reunion as Kyle's father
movie 2009 The 2000 Man as Elder #1
movie 2009 Three Times Me as Boardroom Man
movie 2009 Where's Tuesday Monday? as Detective Orbach
movie 2009 Comagirl
movie 2008 Holodomor: Ukraine's Genocide of 1932-33 as Narrator
movie 2008 Karate Film Café as Music Fan
video movie 2008 Red Red Rope as Isaak
movie 2008 Worth as Colin
movie 2007 Derek and Delila as Dr. Kimball
movie 2007 Lavinia's Heist
movie 2007 Nothing But the Best as Kurt
movie 2007 The Little Documentary That Couldn't as Tom Muntz
movie 2007 Waking Up with Monsters as Rex
movie 2006 Chicxulub as Cop #2
movie 2006 Freaky Faron as Dr. Timmons
movie 2006 Pituco as Old Benjamin
movie 2006 Reflections of a Life as Wedding Guest
movie 2005 Game Over as Job Interviewer
movie 2004 Clean as Police Officer #2
movie 2004 The Story as Jack

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Royal Television Society Award Winning film. 6 Months before Bloody Sunday the British Army's Parachute Regiment was involved in another controversy. I'm a Royal Television Society Award Winner and graduate of Newport Documentary Film School. Director, producer, video ...