Jose Yenque

Jose Yenque Filmography

movie 2014 Hustle vs. Heartache as Javier
movie 2014 Mucho Dinero as Juan Armando Garcia
movie 2012 Botes al Amanacer as Herald Jimenes
movie 2012 Fortunate Son as State Senator Agrimendez
movie 2012 Freeloaders as I.N.S. Agent Cruise
movie 2012 Kidnapped Souls as Detective Ramos
movie 2012 Shelved: The Rise and Fall of 11:11
movie 2012 The Magicians as Aziz the Amazing
movie 2011 11:11 as Vinnie
movie 2011 Beyond the Ropes as Geronimo Guerrero
tv movie 2011 Borderline Murder as Sheriff Carlos Rodriguez
movie 2011 Chicano Legacy 40 Años as Narrator
movie 2011 Happy New Year as Martinez
movie 2011 Hearts of Men as Det. Zavala
movie 2011 Lost Revolution as Leo
movie 2011 Mamitas as Julio
movie 2011 Miss Bala as Kike Cámara
movie 2011 Silent Woods as Chris
movie 2010 Beginners as Robert
movie 2010 Elite as Diego Torres
movie 2010 Good Intentions as Ben
tv movie 2009 Campus Chillout! as Himself
movie 2008 Bloom as Mr. Herrera
movie 2008 Cold Play as Santiago Valdez
movie 2007 I Believe in America as Leo
tv movie 2007 Marlowe as Ernesto
movie 2006 Bad Dream as Joey
movie 2006 Broken as Luis Morales
movie 2006 Mini's First Time as Sheriff
movie 2006 The Last Adam as Ricardo Guzman
movie 2005 Between as Det. Gustavo Campos
movie 2005 End of the Spear as Ecuadorian Teacher
movie 2005 Perceptions as Nicole's Boyfriend Clark
tv movie 2005 Por un puñado de rosas as Himself
tv series 2005 Not So Foreign Filmmakers Showcase as Himself
movie 2005 The Matador
movie 2004 Puños rosas as German Corona
movie 2004 Wednesday Afternoon as Alberto
tv series 2003 Latin Lifestyles as Himself
movie 2001 Beyond the City Limits as Manny
movie 2001 Innocent as Det. Buddy Mendoza
movie 2001 The Blue Diner as Tito
movie 2000 Price of Glory as The Hood
movie 2000 Traffic as Salazar Soldier
movie 1998 Going Nomad as Jose
movie 1998 The Pandora Project as Tomas Martinez
movie 1997 Fall as Scasse
tv movie 1997 Foto Novelas: The Fix as Tony Pompa
movie An Artist's Emblem as Luis

Jose Yenque on Youtube

Kidnapped Souls Trailer 2014 Director: Juan Frausto Starring: Noel Gugliemi, Jose Yenque, Neil Brown Jr., Delilah Cotto, Rosa Isela Frausto, Monica Engesser .

trailer for the movie the hearts of men movie filmed by kenneth castillo award-winning fimlmaker cast sleepy tello david fernandez jr. kaleti ta carlos chala...

Dawn Page, bilingual host for Que Pasión? interviews actor and humanitarian, José Yenque at Baja Film Studios by cinematographers and editors Andre ...

Interview with actor Jose Yenque at the 2012 San Diego Latino Film Festival, where he was promoting his movie "Mamitas".