Josef Berne

Josef Berne (19 January 1904 ? 19 December 1964) was an American film director. He directed 32 films between 1933 and 1950. ... more on Wikipedia

Josef Berne Filmography

movie 1950 Catskill Honeymoon
movie 1946 Down Missouri Way
movie 1945 My Chickashay Gal
movie 1945 Princess Papaya
movie 1945 Shame on You
movie 1945 Snoqualomie Jo Jo
movie 1945 The Moon of Mona Koora
movie 1945 The Trouble with Me
movie 1944 Cuban Episode
movie 1944 Hey Lawdy Mama
movie 1944 Hilda Was a Darn Good Cook
movie 1944 Lucky Cowboy
movie 1944 Oni Oni E
movie 1944 Stop That Dancin' Up There
movie 1944 Sweet Swing
movie 1944 Take Me Back to Tulsa
movie 1944 They Live in Fear
movie 1944 Wave-a-Stick Blues
movie 1943 Band Parade
movie 1943 Heavenly Music
movie 1943 New Orleans Blues
movie 1942 A Zoot Suit with a Reet Pleat
movie 1942 Beautiful Clothes
movie 1942 Bli-Bip
movie 1942 Choo Choo Swing
movie 1942 Cow-Cow Boogie
movie 1942 Flamingo
movie 1942 From the Indies to the Andes (in His Undies)
movie 1942 I Got It Bad & That Ain't Good
movie 1942 I Wanna Go Back to West Virginia
movie 1942 Jam Session
movie 1942 Moonlight Becomes You
movie 1942 My Little Grass Shack
movie 1942 Swing Shift Swing
movie 1942 Turkey in the Straw
movie 1942 You'll Have to Swing It
movie 1941 A Feller Who Plays in a Band
movie 1941 A Little Jive Is Good for You
movie 1941 Dear Arabella
movie 1941 Hot Chocolate
movie 1941 The Singing Hills
movie 1941 War Dance for Wooden Indians
movie 1941 Yes, Indeed!
movie 1939 Mirele Efros
movie 1938 La vida bohemia
movie 1935 Bride of Frankenstein
movie 1935 Gypsy Night
movie 1933 Dawn to Dawn

Josef Berne on Youtube

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