Joseph Cawthorn

Joseph Cawthorn Filmography

movie 1942 The Postman Didn't Ring as Silas Harwood
movie 1941 So Ends Our Night as Leopold Potzloch
movie 1940 Lillian Russell as Leopold Damrosch
movie 1940 Scatterbrain as Nicholas Raptis
movie 1936 Brides Are Like That as Fred Schultz
movie 1936 Crime Over London as Mr. Sherwood
movie 1936 Freshman Love as Wilson, Sr.
movie 1936 Hot Money as Max Dourfuss
movie 1936 One Rainy Afternoon as Monsieur Pelerin
movie 1936 The Great Ziegfeld as Dr. Ziegfeld
movie 1935 Bright Lights as Oscar Schlemmer
movie 1935 Gold Diggers of 1935 as Schultz
movie 1935 Harmony Lane as Professor Henry Kleber
movie 1935 Maybe It's Love as Adolph Sr.
movie 1935 Naughty Marietta as Herr Schuman
movie 1935 Page Miss Glory as Mr.Freischutz
movie 1935 Smart Girl as Karl Krausemeyer
movie 1935 Sweet Music as Sidney Selzer
movie 1934 Glamour as Ibsen
movie 1934 Housewife as Krueger
movie 1934 Lazy River as Mr. Julius Ambrose
movie 1934 Music in the Air as Hans Uppman
movie 1934 Sweet Adeline as Oscar Schmidt
movie 1934 The Cat and the Fiddle as Rudy
movie 1934 The Human Side as Fritz Speigal
movie 1934 The Last Gentleman as Dr. Wilson
movie 1934 Twenty Million Sweethearts as Herbert Brokman
movie 1934 Young and Beautiful as Herman Cline
movie 1933 Best of Enemies as Gus Schneider
movie 1933 Blondie Johnson as Manager
movie 1933 Broken Dreams as Pop
movie 1933 Grand Slam as Alex Alexandrovitch
movie 1933 Made on Broadway as Schultz
movie 1933 Whistling in the Dark as Barfuss
movie 1932 Love Me Tonight as Dr. Armand de Fontinac
movie 1932 Men Are Such Fools as Werner
movie 1932 They Call It Sin as Mr. Hollister
movie 1932 White Zombie as Dr. Bruner
movie 1931 A Tailor Made Man as Huber
movie 1931 Kiki as Alfred Rapp
movie 1931 Peach-O-Reno as Joe Bruno
movie 1931 The Runaround as Lou
movie 1930 Dixiana as Cornelius Van Horn - Carl's Father
movie 1930 Princess and the Plumber as Merkl
movie 1929 Dance Hall as Bremmer
movie 1929 Jazz Heaven as Herman Kemple
movie 1929 Speakeasy as Yokel
movie 1929 Street Girl as Keppel - Cafe Owner
movie 1929 The Taming of the Shrew as Gremio
movie 1928 Hold 'Em Yale as Professor George Bradbury
movie 1927 Secret Studio as Pa Merton
movie 1927 Silk Legs as Ezra Fulton
movie 1927 Two Girls Wanted as Philip Hancock
movie 1927 Very Confidential as Donald Allen

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Starring Bela Lugosi, Madge Bellamy, Robert Frazer, Joseph Cawthorn, and Brandon Hurst. Directed by Victor Halperin.

Joseph Cawthorn (1868-1949) / You can't play every instrument in the band / The Sunshine Girl (Charles Frohman) / Recorded: April 4, 1913 -- YOU CAN'T ...

Trailer for the 1936 romantic comedy, BRIDES ARE LIKE THAT, starring Ross Alexander, Anita Louise and Joseph Cawthorn. Subscribe to Captbijou's channel!