Joseph Crehan

Joseph Crehan (15 July 1883 ? 15 April 1966) was an American film actor. He appeared in over 300 films between 1916 and 1965. ... more on Wikipedia

Joseph Crehan Filmography

video movie 1990 The Green Hornet as Judge Stanton
movie 1965 Requiem for a Gunfighter as Trial Spectator
movie 1965 The Bounty Killer as Churchgoer
movie 1961 Judgment at Nuremberg as Courtroom Spectator at Verdict
movie 1955 The Twinkle in God's Eye as Doctor
movie 1954 Highway Dragnet as Elderly Border Inspection Officer
movie 1953 Crazylegs as Hank Hatch
movie 1953 San Antone as General Grant
movie 1952 Deadline - U.S.A. as City Editor
movie 1952 Tropical Heat Wave as Lt. Farrell
movie 1951 Roadblock as Thompson
movie 1951 The Family Secret as Bailiff
movie 1951 The Pride of Maryland as Mr. Herndon
movie 1950 Deadly Is the Female as Plant Foreman
movie 1950 Kill the Umpire as Manager Tom Dugan
movie 1950 Southside 1-1000 as Burns, Prison Guard
movie 1950 Square Dance Katy as Judge
movie 1950 The Arizona Cowboy as Colonel Jefferson
movie 1950 The Flying Missile as Rear Admiral
movie 1950 The Fuller Brush Girl as Police Boat Captain
movie 1950 The Tougher They Come as Thompson
movie 1950 Triple Trouble as Warden Burnside
movie 1950 Watch the Birdie as Police Captain
movie 1949 Alias the Champ as Tim Murphy
movie 1949 Amazon Quest as De Ruyter
movie 1949 Bad Men of Tombstone as Mine Superintendent
movie 1949 Dancing in the Dark as Board Member
movie 1949 Duke of Chicago as 'Tex' Harman
movie 1949 Malaya as Businessman with Pipe
movie 1949 Prejudice as J.P. Baker
movie 1949 Red Desert as President Ulysses S. Grant
movie 1949 Ringside as Oscar Brannigan
movie 1949 State Department: File 649 as Government Official
movie 1949 The Last Bandit as Local No. 44 Engineer
movie 1948 Adventures in Silverado as McHugh
movie 1948 April Showers as William Barnes
movie 1948 Because of Eve as Dr. West
movie 1948 Blondie's Secret as Police Sergeant
movie 1948 Good Sam as Casey
movie 1948 Homecoming as Col. Morgan
movie 1948 Homicide for Three as Capt. Webb
movie 1948 Night Time in Nevada as Engineer Casey
movie 1948 Relentless as Doctor
movie 1948 Silver River as President U.S. Grant
movie 1948 Street Corner as Dr. James Fenton
movie 1948 Sundown in Santa Fe as Major Larkin
movie 1948 The Babe Ruth Story as Mr. Jackson - Johnny's Father
movie 1948 The Countess of Monte Cristo as Joe
movie 1948 The Enchanted Valley as Chief Scott
movie 1948 The Gallant Legion as George Trent - State Official
movie 1948 The Hunted as Police Captain
movie 1948 The Story of Life
movie 1948 Triple Threat as Coach Miller
movie 1947 Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome as Chief Brandon
movie 1947 Killer McCoy as George James
movie 1947 Louisiana as Neilson
movie 1947 Monsieur Verdoux as Broker
movie 1947 Philo Vance's Gamble as Dist. Atty. Ellis Mason
movie 1947 The Foxes of Harrow as Riverboat Captain
movie 1947 The Sea of Grass as Colorado Senator Grew
movie 1947 The Trespasser as The Doctor
movie 1947 The Trouble with Women as Professor Manson
movie 1946 A Guy Could Change as McCarthy
movie 1946 Bad Bascomb as Gov. Ames
movie 1946 Behind the Mask as Police Inspector Cardonna
movie 1946 Cinderella Jones as Prosecuting Attorney
movie 1946 Dangerous Money as Captain Black
movie 1946 Deadline at Dawn as Lt. Kane
movie 1946 Dick Tracy vs. Cueball as Chief Brandon
movie 1946 Girl on the Spot as Editor
movie 1946 Her Kind of Man as Bob Fordham
movie 1946 Magnificent Doll as Williams
movie 1946 Night Train to Memphis as John Stevenson
movie 1946 O.S.S. as Gen. Donovan
movie 1946 One Way to Love as Chief Dispatcher
movie 1946 Plainsman and the Lady as Postmaster General
movie 1946 Strange Journey as Thompson
movie 1946 Swamp Fire as Capt. Sorenson
movie 1946 The Big Sleep as Medical Examiner
movie 1946 The Brute Man as Police Commissioner Salisbury
movie 1946 The Falcon's Adventure as Inspector Cavanaugh
movie 1946 The Mysterious Mr. M as Police Chief Dan Blair
movie 1946 The Phantom Thief as 'Jumbo' Madigan - Pawnbroker
movie 1946 The Shadow Returns as Police Insp. Cardona
movie 1946 The Virginian as Train Conductor
movie 1945 Adventure as Ed
movie 1945 Brewster's Millions as Notary
movie 1945 Captain Tugboat Annie as Alec Severn
movie 1945 Dick Tracy as Chief Brandon
movie 1945 I Love a Mystery as Police Capt. Quinn
movie 1945 Lady on a Train as Train Passenger
movie 1945 Man Alive as Dr. James P. Whitney
movie 1945 The Chicago Kid as Chief Rogers
movie 1945 The Royal Mounted Rides Again as RCMP Sergeant Nelson
movie 1945 The Thin Man Goes Home as Clancy, Policeman at Railroad Station
movie 1945 Youth on Trial as Commissioner Ryan
movie 1945 Ziegfeld Follies as 1st Judge
movie 1944 An American Romance as Judge
movie 1944 Black Magic as Police Sgt. Matthews
movie 1944 Christmas Holiday as Steve, the Bartender
movie 1944 Gambler's Choice as Toby
movie 1944 Hands Across the Border as Bet-a-Hundred Adams
movie 1944 One Mysterious Night as Jumbo Madigan
movie 1944 Phantom Lady as Detective Tom
movie 1944 Roger Touhy, Gangster as Warden
movie 1944 Shine on Harvest Moon as Harry Miller - Theatre Manager
movie 1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain as Riverboat Captain
movie 1944 The Great Alaskan Mystery as Bill Hudson [Chs. 3-13]
movie 1944 The Missing Juror as Willard Apple aka Falstaff
movie 1944 The Navy Way as Chaplin Benson
movie 1944 When the Lights Go on Again as Bob, the Train Engineer
movie 1943 Adventures of the Flying Cadets as Col. George Bolton [Chs. 1-2]
movie 1943 City Without Men as Father Burns
movie 1943 Crazy House as Mogey
movie 1943 False Faces as Police Capt. Alan O'Brien
movie 1943 Flesh and Fantasy as Detective
movie 1943 Hit the Ice as Train Conductor #1
movie 1943 Honeymoon Lodge as Judge
movie 1943 Johnny Come Lately as Judge Flynn
movie 1943 Keep 'Em Slugging as Detective Sergeant
movie 1943 Mission to Moscow as Reporter
movie 1943 Mr. Lucky as Detective
movie 1943 Mystery Broadcast as Chief Daniels
movie 1943 She Has What It Takes as George Clarke
movie 1943 The Amazing Mrs. Holliday as Shipbuilding Executive
movie 1943 The Desert Song as American Journalist
movie 1943 The Iron Major as Judge
movie 1943 The Woman of the Town as New York Newspaper Editor
movie 1943 To the People of the United States as Doctor at Hospital
movie 1942 Cadets on Parade as Jeff Shannon
movie 1942 Eyes of the Underworld as Kirby - Assistant Police Chief
movie 1942 Gang Busters as Police Chief Martin O'Brien
movie 1942 Gentleman Jim as Duffy - Referee
movie 1942 Girl Trouble as Kohn
movie 1942 Hello, Annapolis as Evans Arden
movie 1942 Junior Army as Mr. Jeffrey Ferguson
movie 1942 Larceny, Inc. as Warden
movie 1942 Men of Texas as Luther Crittenden
movie 1942 Murder in the Big House as Jim Ainslee
movie 1942 Obliging Young Lady as Managing Editor
movie 1942 Sealed Lips as Chief Charles R. Dugan
movie 1942 The Courtship of Andy Hardy as Peter Dugan
movie 1942 The Gay Sisters as City Editor
movie 1942 The Secret Code as Police Chief Henry Burns
movie 1942 To the Shores of Tripoli as Uncle Bob
movie 1942 Treat 'Em Rough as Roderick Wetherbee
movie 1942 True to the Army as Police Chief
movie 1942 Whistling in Dixie as Deputy Police Commissioner
movie 1942 Wild Bill Hickok Rides as Ray Trent - Land Commissioner
movie 1942 You Can't Escape Forever as Warden
movie 1941 A Man Betrayed as Bob, Globe Newspaper Editor
movie 1941 Andy Hardy's Private Secretary as Peter Dugan
movie 1941 Back Street as Postman
movie 1941 Blossoms in the Dust as Council Chairman
movie 1941 Doctors Don't Tell as Judge Hoskins
movie 1941 Flying Blind as Nunnally
movie 1941 Here Comes Happiness as Thomas 'Tom' Burke
movie 1941 Here Comes Mr. Jordan as Doctor
movie 1941 Know for Sure as Supporting Role
movie 1941 Life Begins for Andy Hardy as Peter Dugan
movie 1941 Love Crazy as Judge
movie 1941 Manpower as Sweeney
movie 1941 Nevada City as Mark Benton
movie 1941 Nine Lives Are Not Enough as Yates
movie 1941 Scattergood Baines as Keith
movie 1941 Texas as Rancher Dusty King
movie 1941 The Case of the Black Parrot as Grady
movie 1941 They Died with Their Boots On as President Ulysses S. Grant
movie 1941 Three Girls About Town as Labor leader
movie 1941 Washington Melodrama as Phil Sampson
movie 1940 Broadway Melody of 1940 as Ballroom Manager
movie 1940 Brother Orchid as Brother MacEwen
movie 1940 City for Conquest as Doctor
movie 1940 Colorado as Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
movie 1940 Emergency Squad as H. Tyler Joyce, editor
movie 1940 Four Sons as American Editor
movie 1940 Gaucho Serenade as Edward Martin
movie 1940 Jack Pot as His Honor, the Mayor
movie 1940 Little Nellie Kelly as Police Commissioner O'Brien
movie 1940 Music in My Heart as Mark C. Gilman
movie 1940 Parole Fixer as Warden
movie 1940 Public Deb No. 1 as Director
movie 1940 Santa Fe Trail as Officer at Washington Party
movie 1940 South to Karanga as Ridgley
movie 1940 The Fighting 69th as Doctor Giving Inoculations
movie 1940 The Green Hornet as Judge Stanton [Chs. 1, 9, 10, 13]
movie 1940 The House Across the Bay as Federal Man
movie 1940 The Secret Seven as Chief Hobbs
movie 1940 The Texas Rangers Ride Again as Johnson
movie 1939 Almost a Gentleman as Prosecutor
movie 1939 Babes in Arms as Mr. Essex
movie 1939 Behind Prison Gates as Prison Warden O'Neil
movie 1939 Blackmail as Mr. Blaine
movie 1939 Dodge City as Hammond
movie 1939 Full Confession as Warden
movie 1939 Geronimo as President Ulysses S. Grant
movie 1939 Hollywood Cavalcade as Attorney
movie 1939 Maisie as Defense Attorney Wilcox
movie 1939 Navy Secrets as Captain Daly - Navy Intelligence Officer
movie 1939 Pride of the Navy as Brad Foster
movie 1939 Private Detective as Capt. Murphy
movie 1939 Society Lawyer as City Editor
movie 1939 St. Louis Blues as Simpson
movie 1939 Stanley and Livingstone as Morehead
movie 1939 Star Reporter as Gordon, Newspaper Editor
movie 1939 Tell No Tales as Chalmers
movie 1939 The Return of Doctor X as Editor
movie 1939 The Roaring Twenties as Michaels
movie 1939 The Star Maker as Old Gentleman
movie 1939 They All Come Out as Judge
movie 1939 Union Pacific as General Ulysses S. Grant
movie 1939 We Are Not Alone as American at Train Station
movie 1939 Whispering Enemies as George Harley
movie 1939 Wings of the Navy as Second Doctor
movie 1939 You Can't Get Away with Murder as Warden
movie 1938 A Criminal Is Born as Frank Wheeler, Jimmy's Father
movie 1938 Alexander's Ragtime Band as Stage Manager
movie 1938 Billy the Kid Returns as U.S. Marshal Dave Conway
movie 1938 Bluebeard's Eighth Wife as American Tourist
movie 1938 Crime Takes a Holiday as Gov. Bill Allen
movie 1938 Four's a Crowd as Butler Pierce
movie 1938 Gang Bullets as Wallace
movie 1938 Gateway as Inspector
movie 1938 Girls on Probation as Todd
movie 1938 Happy Landing as Agent
movie 1938 Here's Flash Casey as Blaine
movie 1938 Illegal Traffic as Chief Daley
movie 1938 Midnight Intruder as Newspaper Editor Bill Harwoodod
movie 1938 Newsboys' Home as Sheriff
movie 1938 Night Spot as Inspector Wayland
movie 1938 Ride a Crooked Mile as Special Agent
movie 1938 Road Demon as Douglas
movie 1938 State Police as Albert Morgan
movie 1938 The Arkansas Traveler as McSweeney
movie 1938 The Goldwyn Follies as Theatre Manager
movie 1938 The Kid Comes Back as Danny Lockridge
movie 1938 The Sisters as Roosevelt Election Announcer
movie 1938 Too Hot to Handle as First Advertising Man
movie 1938 Woman Against Woman as Senator Kingsley
movie 1937 A Day at Santa Anita as Biff - Blackburn's Trainer
movie 1937 Beg, Borrow or Steal as Mr. Parsons, Murillo Customer
movie 1937 Big City as Det. Curtis
movie 1937 Black Legion
movie 1937 Blossoms on Broadway as Bartender
movie 1937 Born Reckless as District Attorney
movie 1937 Draegerman Courage as Dr. Stuart Hunter
movie 1937 Girls Can Play as Brophy
movie 1937 Give Till It Hurts as Respirator Salesman
movie 1937 God's Country and the Woman as Jordan
movie 1937 Guns of the Pecos as Captain Norris
movie 1937 Her Husband's Secretary as Stevenson
movie 1937 Kid Galahad as Brady
movie 1937 Mama Runs Wild as Tom Fowler
movie 1937 Married Before Breakfast as Dalton
movie 1937 Midnight Court as Judge Thompson
movie 1937 Midnight Madonna as Moe Grinnell
movie 1937 Once a Doctor as Captain Andrews, Nirvana
movie 1937 Outlaws of the Orient as Snyder
movie 1937 Riding on Air as Chicago Daily Blade Editor
movie 1937 Smart Blonde as 'Tiny' Torgenson
movie 1937 Talent Scout as A.J. Lambert
movie 1937 The Case of the Stuttering Bishop as Paul Drake
movie 1937 The Cherokee Strip as Army Officer
movie 1937 The Duke Comes Back as Pat Doyle
movie 1937 The Go Getter as Karl Stone
movie 1937 The Wrong Road as District Attorney
movie 1937 There Goes My Girl as Sgt. Wood
movie 1937 This Is My Affair as Priest
movie 1936 Anthony Adverse as Capt. Elisha Jorham
movie 1936 Bengal Tiger as Bill Hinsdale
movie 1936 Boulder Dam as Ross
movie 1936 Brides Are Like That as Tom Carter
movie 1936 Bullets or Ballots as Grand Jury Spokesman
movie 1936 Cain and Mabel as Reed's Manager
movie 1936 China Clipper as Jim Horn
movie 1936 Down the Stretch as Secretary C.D. Burch
movie 1936 Earthworm Tractors as Mr. Henderson
movie 1936 Gold Diggers of 1937 as Chairman
movie 1936 Here Comes Carter as Daniel Bronson
movie 1936 Jailbreak as Warden
movie 1936 King of Hockey as Mike Trotter
movie 1936 Murder by an Aristocrat as Hilary Thatcher
movie 1936 Road Gang as Harry Shields
movie 1936 The Captain's Kid as Deputy Coroner Frank Knickerbocker
movie 1936 The Law in Her Hands as Dist. Atty. Thomas Mallon
movie 1936 The Murder of Dr. Harrigan as Lieut. Lamb
movie 1936 The Singing Kid as IRS Agent Fulton
movie 1936 The Song of a Nation as Col. John Skinner
movie 1936 Trailin' West as Colonel Douglas
movie 1935 Alibi Ike as Conductor
movie 1935 Black Fury as Farrell
movie 1935 Bright Lights as Post Office Attendant
movie 1935 Devil Dogs of the Air as Communications Officer
movie 1935 Dinky as Superintendent of orphanage
movie 1935 Don't Bet on Blondes as Doctor Delivering Quintuplets
movie 1935 Frisco Kid as McClanahan
movie 1935 Front Page Woman as Spike Kiley
movie 1935 Go Into Your Dance as H.P. Jackson
movie 1935 Let 'em Have It as Memory Test Instructor
movie 1935 Man of Iron as Tom Martin
movie 1935 Oil for the Lamps of China as Clements
movie 1935 Page Miss Glory as Detective Chief
movie 1935 Shipmates Forever
movie 1935 Special Agent as Commissioner of Police
movie 1935 Stranded as Johnny Quinn
movie 1935 Sweet Music as Newsman
movie 1935 The Case of the Lucky Legs as Detective Johnson
movie 1935 The Payoff as Harvey Morris
movie 1935 Traveling Saleslady as Murdock
movie 1935 We're in the Money
movie 1935 While the Patient Slept as Evening Bulletin Editor
movie 1934 6 Day Bike Rider as Thompson
movie 1934 A Lost Lady as Second Doctor
movie 1934 Against the Law as Capt. Elliott
movie 1934 Among the Missing as Detective O'Malley
movie 1934 Beyond the Law as Chief Anderson
movie 1934 Big Hearted Herbert as IRS Tax Investigator
movie 1934 Gentlemen Are Born as Haskins
movie 1934 Here Comes the Navy as Recruiting Officer
movie 1934 I've Got Your Number as Stock Trader
movie 1934 It Happened One Night as Detective
movie 1934 Jimmy the Gent as Judge in Murder Trial
movie 1934 Merry Wives of Reno as Train Conductor
movie 1934 Now I'll Tell as Doctor
movie 1934 Side Streets as Seaman's Clerk
movie 1934 Strange Wives as Immigration Official
movie 1934 The Case of the Howling Dog as Captain Kelly
movie 1934 The Hell Cat as Captain Barnett
movie 1934 The Line-Up as Police Captain Daniel McGrath
movie 1934 The Man with Two Faces as Editor
movie 1934 The Merry Frinks as Mr. Baxter
movie 1934 The Secret Bride as Senator
movie 1934 Voice in the Night as John Robinson
movie 1933 Before Midnight as Capt. Frank Flynn
movie 1933 Female as Police Lieutenant
movie 1933 Havana Widows as Ship Captain
movie 1933 Hold the Press as Chief of Detectives Patrick Brennan
movie 1933 Paddy the Next Best Thing as Auctioneer
movie 1931 Secrets of a Secretary as Reporter
movie 1931 Stolen Heaven as Henry - Steve's Butler
movie 1916 Under Two Flags as Rake

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