Joy Hruby

Joy Hruby Filmography

video movie 2012 Straight as Nanna
movie 2010 Donation Only as Mrs. B
movie 2010 Conference of the Planets
movie 2010 The Key to the Computer
video movie 2008 The Eighth
movie 2007 'Music Box' as Aunt May
movie 1999 All the Way
movie 1998 Praise as Old Woman
movie 1995 Rough Diamonds as Mrs. Burns
tv series 1995 Agatha Ramsbottom Show as Herself - Presenter
tv series 1991 Brides of Christ as Sister Polycarp
movie 1987 Confidentially Speaking as EAP Lady
tv series 1987 Sunday Joyride as Herself - Presenter
movie 1985 A Street to Die as Maureen
tv series 1983 Scales of Justice as Mrs. Simpson
movie 1982 The Dark Room as Ida Henning
movie 1981 Winter of Our Dreams as Marge
tv movie 1978 No Room to Run as Woman on Beach
movie 1977 The Love Letters from Teralba Road as Len's Mother
movie 1976 Caddie as Mrs. Sweeney

Joy Hruby on Youtube

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