Joyce Howard

Jocasta "Joyce" Culpeper of Oxen Hoath (c. 1480 ? 1531) was the mother of Catherine Howard who later became the fifth wife and Queen Consort to King Henry VIII. ... more on Wikipedia

Joyce Howard Filmography

movie 1950 Shadow of the Past as Lady in Black
movie 1947 Mrs. Fitzherbert as Maria Fitzherbert
movie 1946 Appointment with Crime as Carol Dane
movie 1946 They Knew Mr. Knight as Freda Blake
movie 1946 Woman to Woman as Nicolette Bonnet
movie 1943 The Gentle Sex as Anne Lawrence
movie 1943 They Met in the Dark as Laura Verity
movie 1942 Back-Room Boy as Betty
movie 1942 Talk About Jacqueline as June Marlow
movie 1942 The Night Has Eyes as Marian Ives
movie 1941 Freedom Radio as Elly Schmidt
movie 1941 Love on the Dole as Helen
movie 1941 The Common Touch as Mary

Joyce Howard on Youtube

A Tate Publishing trailer for Joyce Howard's "Called to Be Different."

A noble social drama follows a orphaned teen who assumes control of his late father's construction company and comes to the aid of the homeless, in spite of ...

Jay, Dan, DrewBob and Joyce juggle balls and clubs and swing poi at an evening meeting of the Atlanta Jugglers Association on September 30, 2004 at the Littl.

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