Joylynne Chrislan

Joylynne Chrislan Filmography

video movie 2013 Monster as Mother
movie 2012 All I've Got as Maxine Wey 1
movie 2012 Razzleberry as Cat Lady
movie 2012 Doppelganger
movie 2012 Steve from Accounting vs. the Shadow Dwellers
movie 2011 Special Features as Cheryl Longshanks
movie 2011 The American as Nellie
movie 2011 Capital Punishment
movie 2010 American Rejects as Tattoo Artist
movie 2010 Unpleasantville as Jackie O' Lantern
movie 2010 Spawn 3: Eggs of Aquarius
movie 2010 The Brink
movie 2010 What Really Matters
movie 2009 Ghostaphobia
movie 2007 Tears of a King as Nurse
movie White Wings

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A woman struggling with the financial burdens of her sick child and the emotional disconnection from her husband is reminded of all she has to be grateful fo...