Judson Jones

Judson Jones Filmography

tv series 2013 Team Toon as Gaspar
movie 2012 Archaeology of a Woman as Officer Shackelford
movie 2011 Wwjd as George
movie 2009 Botticelli's Lonely Man as David Wright
video movie 2002 Gun Crazy: Episode 2 - Beyond the Law as Tomoe
movie 2002 Yorick as Hamlet
movie 2001 Shura Yukihime as Kidokoro
tv series 1999 Chikyû bôei kigyô Dai-Guard as Pilot, Soldier, Officer, Additional Voices
movie 1997 Rurôni Kenshin: Ishin shishi e no Requiem as Shigure
tv movie 1996 City Hunter: Secret Service as Secret Service Boss

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