Julia Mackley

Julia Mackley Filmography

movie 1918 Daughter Angele as Mrs. Brown
movie 1916 Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages as Uplifter
movie 1915 A Mother's Justice as Widow Morgan
movie 1915 The Silent Witness
movie 1914 How Bill Squared It with His Boss
movie 1914 Izzy's Night Out as Izzy's Wife
movie 1914 The Cowboy's Chicken Dinner as Mlle. Gabo
movie 1914 The Message as Mrs. Carter
movie 1914 The Sheriff's Choice
movie 1914 The Sheriff's Master as Pete's Wife
movie 1914 The Widow's Children as The Widow Kelton
movie 1914 Wrong All Around
movie 1913 A Montana Mix-Up as Mrs. Mackay
movie 1913 Broncho Billy and the Outlaw's Mother as Jim Dawson's Mother
movie 1913 The Sheriff's Child as The Sheriff's Wife
movie 1913 The Sheriff's Honeymoon as Sophie Clutts, Mail Order Bride
movie 1913 The Sheriff's Wife as The Sheriff's Wife
movie 1912 A Road Agent's Love
movie 1912 A Romance of the West as Widow Graham
movie 1912 A Story of Montana as Mother
movie 1912 Alkali Ike Bests Broncho Billy
movie 1912 Broncho Billy and the Bandits as The Storekeeper's Wife
movie 1912 Broncho Billy and the Girl as Mother
movie 1912 Broncho Billy's Heart as Jordan's Wife
movie 1912 Broncho Billy's Last Hold-Up as Mrs. Barclay
movie 1912 On the Cactus Trail as The Sheriff's Mother
movie 1912 On the Moonlight Trail as Mrs. Jim Murray
movie 1912 The Dance at Silver Gulch as Rose - Graham's Daughter
movie 1912 The Little Sheriff as The Widow Felton
movie 1912 The Loafer as Mrs. Joe Simmons
movie 1912 The Loafer's Mother as The Loafer's Mother
movie 1912 The Mother of the Ranch as Mrs. Hart
movie 1912 The Outlaw's Sacrifice as Mrs. Jim Barton
movie 1912 The Prospector's Legacy
movie 1912 The Ranchman's Anniversary as Mrs. Simpson
movie 1912 The Sheepman's Escape as Mrs. Harper, Tom's Mother
movie 1912 The Sheriff's Inheritance as The Sheriff's Wife
movie 1912 The Sheriff's Luck as The Widow Barrett
movie 1912 The Shotgun Ranchman as The Widow Morgan
movie 1911 A Western Redemption as Mrs. Harris
movie 1911 Broncho Billy's Christmas Dinner as Sheriff's Wife
movie 1911 Forgiven in Death as The Minister's Wife
movie 1911 The Bad Man's First Prayer
movie 1910 Hank and Lank: As Sandwich Men

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Intolerance and its terrible effects are examined in four historical eras. In ancient Babylon, a mountain girl is caught up in the religious rivalry that lea...