Justen Overlander

Justen Overlander Filmography

movie 2014 Burial Ground as Dave
movie 2014 The Devil's Hour as Hotel Desk Attendant
movie 2013 The Bequeather as Orel Padd
movie 2012 House of Ghosts as Ray
movie 2012 Secrets in the Snow
movie 2011 Gehenna as Jason
movie 2010 Destination: Outer Space
movie 2009 IceBreaker as Keith
movie 2009 Terror from Beneath the Earth as Sheriff George Elliott
movie 2008 Horror House as Parker
movie 2006 Doomed to Consume as National Guardsman 1
movie 2006 The Monster of Phantom Lake as Jonathan
movie 2006 Two Tents as Alex
video movie 2005 Corporate Punishment as Robert

Justen Overlander on Youtube

Movie trailer for independent feature comedy, The Bequeather (thebequeather.com).

See more at justenoverlander.com. Unless you don't like him. Then just leave. Take a cookie and a soda on your way out.

See more at justenoverlander.com. Or don't. You know, whatever.

Trailer for upcoming movie, "Horror House"