Justus D. Barnes

Justus D. Barnes Filmography

movie 1917 An Amateur Orphan as Dave's Father
movie 1917 Cy Whittaker's Ward as Simmons
movie 1917 Her Life and His as Political Boss
movie 1917 Hinton's Double as Det. Denton
movie 1917 It Happened to Adele as Vincent's Uncle
movie 1917 The Candy Girl as Officer Quinn
movie 1916 Arabella's Prince as The Prince
movie 1916 Fear as Jasper
movie 1916 Outwitted as The Contractor
movie 1915 Bianca Forgets as Bianca's Father
movie 1915 Bud Blossom as Bud's Grandfather
movie 1915 From the River's Depths as William Hewins - Dorothy's Father
movie 1915 God's Witness as Judge
movie 1915 Helen Intervenes as Store Manager
movie 1915 His Two Patients as The Blacksmith
movie 1915 Love and Money as The American Suitor's Father
movie 1915 Mr. Meeson's Will as Mr. Meeson
movie 1915 Nell's Strategy
movie 1915 Old Jane of the Gaiety as Choreographer
movie 1915 Snapshots as Henry Spear - Editor
movie 1915 The Adventure of Florence as Mr. Clark - Florence's Father
movie 1915 The Country Girl as The Squire, her Guardian
movie 1915 The Final Reckoning as Judge Granger
movie 1915 The Heart of the Princess Marsari as Paul's Wealthy Uncle
movie 1915 The Home of Silence as Ralph's Father
movie 1915 The House That Jack Moved
movie 1915 The Marvelous Marathoner as Ewing Webster
movie 1915 The Smuggled Diamond as Chief of the Secret Service
movie 1915 Weary Walker's Woes as Lawyer
movie 1914 A Can of Baked Beans as Mr. Morton
movie 1914 A Debut in the Secret Service as Abdul
movie 1914 A Dog of Flanders as The Rich Miller
movie 1914 A Leak in the Foreign Office as Abdool - Trevor's Afghan companion
movie 1914 A Mohammedan Conspiracy as Abdul
movie 1914 Arty, the Artist as Mr. Miles - May's Father
movie 1914 Cardinal Richelieu's Ward as Huguet
movie 1914 From the Shadows as Stage Manager
movie 1914 Gold as The Village Bully
movie 1914 His Enemy as John Baird
movie 1914 In Peril's Path
movie 1914 Joseph in the Land of Egypt as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 Lucy's Elopement as Ezra Jenkins
movie 1914 Old Jackson's Girl
movie 1914 Percy's First Holiday as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 The Dancer
movie 1914 The Diamond of Disaster as The Bandit
movie 1914 The Harlow Handicap as George Carnes
movie 1914 The Harvest of Regrets as Mr. Sheldon
movie 1914 The Infant Heart Snatcher as The Judge
movie 1914 The Mettle of a Man as John Ross
movie 1914 Their Best Friend as Jack's Father
movie 1914 Two Little Dromios
movie 1913 A Beauty Parlor Graduate as Uncle Bill
movie 1913 A Victim of Circumstances as The Father
movie 1913 An Amateur Animal Trainer as Belle's Father
movie 1913 For Another's Sin as The Bank Examiner
movie 1913 He Couldn't Lose as Green, a Lawyer
movie 1913 His Father's Wife
movie 1913 His Last Bet
movie 1913 Peggy's Invitation
movie 1913 The Dove in the Eagle's Nest
movie 1913 The Farmer's Daughters as Father
movie 1913 The Missing Witness
movie 1913 Uncle's Namesakes
movie 1913 When Darkness Came as The Senior Partner
movie 1913 When the Studio Burned as Director
movie 1913 While Mrs. McFadden Looked Out as Mr. McFadden
movie 1912 Aurora Floyd as Aurora's Father
movie 1912 Cousins as Father on Farm
movie 1912 Nicholas Nickleby as Nicholas' Uncle Ralph
movie 1912 On Probation as The Rich Old Widower
movie 1912 The Baby Bride as The Minister
movie 1912 The Portrait of Lady Anne as Lady Anne's Father in 1770
movie 1912 The Star of Bethlehem as Gaspar, a Magi
movie 1912 The Voice of Conscience as Doctor
movie 1912 When Mandy Came to Town as The Father
movie 1912 With the Mounted Police as Mounted Policeman
movie 1911 David Copperfield as Ham Peggotty
movie 1911 The Declaration of Independence as Samuel Adams
movie 1910 Young Lord Stanley as The girl's father
movie 1903 The Great Train Robbery as Bandit Who Fires at Camera

Justus D. Barnes on Youtube

The ghost of a selfish, inconsiderate woman must make up for her past transgressions by making sure that her descendant marries the man who is right for her....

The end (or beginning, depending on which viewing it was) of 1903's The Great Train Robbery.

Wer kennt nicht die großartige Szene aus dem Vorspann vom "Western von gestern", in der ein grimmig dreinschauender Justus D. Barnes mit dem Colt genau ...

Wer kennt nicht die großartige Szene aus dem Vorspann von „Western von gestern", in der ein grimmig dreinschauender Justus D. Barnes mit dem Colt genau ...