Kalen Feeney

Kalen Feeney Filmography

movie 2014 Always a Bridesmaid as Grace
movie 2014 Deaf Ghost as Young Ruth
movie 2013 Finding June as Nurse
movie 2010 Beyond Essays as Wanda Macy
movie 2010 Robbed as Annabelle Walker
movie 2010 Short on Time
movie 2009 Reel Life as Woman

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Want to download this film or rent it online? Go to: http://www.flixscene.com/eggs/1162-Beyond-Essays [CLICK ON "CC" ON BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER OF THE ...

CLICK "CC" ON BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER OF VIDEO FOR CAPTIONS] With a mortician for a mother, this 8-year-old girl has never experienced a smile since ...

A deaf activist student, Wanda Macy, [Kalen Feeney] simply tries to get a passing grade so she can graduate from college, in spite of her malicious adversary...

From the album Personal Record, out June 4, 2013 on Merge Records. http://mergerecords.com/store/store_detail.php?catalog_id=926 ...