Kami Coleman

Kami Coleman Filmography

movie 2012 Elizabeth's Gift as Homeless Becky
movie 2012 The Collection
movie 2011 Special Features as Allison Steele
movie 2011 The Amazing Miles as Nurse Kami
movie 2011 The Devil Works in Mysterious Ways as Women
movie 2011 The Social Suicide Network
movie 2011 Atonement
movie 2010 Rock Bottom as Barmaid
movie 2010 The Princess and the Stone as Princess
movie 2010 What Really Matters as Lady at Cafe
movie White Wings as Stage Actress

Kami Coleman on Youtube

Princess Bus Driver The Movie Written and Directed by Brian Kelly. Clip: Actors Kami Coleman and Natalie Willison.

http://www.appleboxfilmmakers.com,Chatting with Kami Coleman, She is learning to be a Film Producer. Here are a few tips to make you a better Producer.

Tana Lopez, Kami Coleman, Stephanie Cortez and Sammi Sheppard Freshman English Romeo and Juilet project.

Betty White NAB 2012 Las Vegas, Kurt Kelly - Actors Reporter and Live Video Inc Coverage http://youtu.be/fM-y_yItdLI Actors Reporter and Live Video Inc. Cove.