Karen Glave

Karen Glave Filmography

video movie 2013 Shooting Oliver as Donna
movie 2012 Easy as Karen King
movie 2012 The Offering as Milton's Wife
movie 2011 Dream House as Harkness Receptionist
movie 2008 Fire and Fury as Angélique
tv movie 2006 The Path to 9/11 as Betsy - Customs
tv series 2006 Covert One: The Hades Factor as Lt. Crowthers
tv movie 2005 Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell Story as Annette Huges
tv movie 2004 She's Too Young as Lauren James
movie 2004 The Day After Tomorrow as Maria
movie 2003 Cold Creek Manor as Tina
tv movie 2003 Defending Our Kids: The Julie Posey Story as Officer Paulette Howell
movie 2002 Between Strangers as Hodna
tv movie 2002 Guilt by Association as Roxanne
movie 2002 Left Behind II: Tribulation Force as Panelist #2
tv movie 2002 The Interrogation of Michael Crowe
movie 2002 The Tuxedo as CSA Agent Randa
tv movie 2001 Feast of All Saints as Zazu
tv movie 2001 For Love of Olivia
movie 2001 Judgment as Stacy Gruber
tv movie 2001 The Facts of Life Reunion as The reviewer
tv movie 2001 Within These Walls
tv movie 2000 Cheaters as Corrine Davis
movie 2000 Frequency as Lanni DeLeon
tv movie 2000 The Bookfair Murders as Linda
tv movie 2000 Who Killed Atlanta's Children? as Camille Bell
tv movie 1999 Dangerous Evidence: The Lori Jackson Story as Lola Scott
movie 1999 Resurrection as FBI Receptionist
tv movie 1999 Sirens as Tyus
tv movie 1999 Strange Justice as Sondra Norris
tv movie 1999 The Secret Path as Elizabeth
movie 1998 Blind Faith as Anna Huggins
movie 1998 Last Night as Lily
movie 1998 The Tale of Arcite and Palamon as Emilia
tv movie 1998 When He Didn't Come Home as Jenny
tv movie 1997 Let Me Call You Sweetheart as Corinne
tv movie 1997 Ms. Scrooge as Teenage Ebenita

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